0 coins converting since 5th April


Hi SWC team,

I find it very frustrating, that no coins are converting at all since the last update. And yes, these are outdoors steps. Phone: iPhone SE. Username: KORNEL558386. Here are some screenshots for proof. I would really appreciate some help! thank you.


Hey - that’s really odd. Could you please tell me the version number of the app you are on?


hi Ashton, thanks for the quick response.
Not sure where to check what version I am on, but I opened the App Store and since it doesn’t give me the option to ‘Update’, I assume it’s 45.0.
This is what I see on the App Store for reference.



I have the same problem but mine goes back to January 2020 and Sweat coin still hasn’t fixed the issue. How much longer do I have to wait. User name: Squeaky


This is what I have so far today:

20,178 steps and only 2,011 approved steps. Doesn’t make sense to me.



So, yesterday I had the following:

The conversion isn’t working.

You keep sending me the same message to fix this and I’m missing out on many coins from the lack of conversion.

I see from other messages here that I’m not the only one being affected.