1 pound subscription


So i have purchased the 1 month subscription and i don’t have a problem with it. But other people seem to. people that i try to invite delete the app within a week because they see the trouble maker subscription has to be paid with real money. Some people know they can make a huge profit with the trouble maker even with a few pounds a month but they decided not to take the risk. And long-run users has started to feel like this is a scam for complete valid reasons even when they have redeemed stuff in the past. It has somewhat felt like a scam for me too but the thousand dollar offer is still available in my country so i have some hopes. At some point i thought this is just a game instead of “walking for money” because of the in app purchases. And if the sweatcoin has no power to circulate on its own, it will never become a crypto with actual value it gonna become a game currency or turn into a complete charity for walking with the value decreasing every day. I think sweatcoin staff will have a way to resolve this problem but right now, things are just not in place.
But is it a scam? Probably not but time will tell the truth.