100,000 steps badge is going to be mine


Sorry. You walk 7K steps a hour? So you walked 17 whole hours for 120K steps. Hmm :thinking:


I don’t follow you mate… lol


If there were only 12 hours in a day, this would be more like 3750 every 15 mins. For the rest of us, there are still 24 hours in a day.

What is really quite scary is when you view a 24 hour period from midnight to midnight. I checked my heath app count yesterday evening at around 9 but didn’t realise that I have tapped the screen in just the right place to take a segment from 9 am Saturday to 9am Sunday morning, I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the total was over 147k :rofl: Although to be fair, or three days this weekend ended at over 100k, finishing at just over 133k at the days end. :man_facepalming:


Again, for 17 hours is not impossible. The first time I crossed 100k it took me just over 16 hours… and then another 24 to recover🤣


Walking 16 hours isn’t good for you on a daily basis mate. Body needs time to rejuvenate and recover.
Also… what’s the point in walking more then you can earn…


Nice one :sunglasses::+1:t4: I have to admit, I didn’t actually look at the graph showing months when I did mine I just saw stupid figures and thought “hmmm do I really want to push it further” :rofl:


Lol The first comment anyone made to me on Twitter what’s the time that I was being ripped off because I was walking on 20,000 steps a day I wasn’t being rewarded for it. :rofl:

Although you are right, as a general rule that much activity is a little extreme… however, I’m not the best person to comment on the amount of Time anybody spends active. If anybody at Apple were to review my stand hours in a week they may end up in therapy. :crazy_face:


Kile93, if you think that walking 17 hours in a row is impossible, what do you think of the Italian Rosario Catania who in 2014 broke the world record of the German Thomas Muller walking 72 hours in a row without ever stopping?


I never said it was impossible whatsoever mate.


Sorry, I misunderstood, unfortunately I use the Google translator because I know little English.


Oh ok mate. No problem. Have a nice day @Emil1990


Interesting tidbit of info, although I don’t think that’s a record. More to the point, I know that’s not a record for reasons that are probably quite obvious :man_facepalming:


It is. impossible to walk 72 hours without stopping regardless.


What happened. I turn my head for only 9 months and suddenly this thread got some attention

1 ) balls off to you Emil that is an awesome walk !!

2). I’m back at my tax job and once again intend to end the season ( April 15) with a 100,000 step walk so I may have to share but I will be there on the rest of 100,000 steps gods/ goddesses

  1. it can totally be done In 17 hours. I was intending on doing it in 13.

  2. I have personally walked for over 10 Hours straight meany times. I have walked 20 hours straight once. So yes a 17 hours walk sounds like bliss to me.


@Kyle93 I assume You are going for technicalities with this… Although there are activities such as eating that you can still do whilst on the move. if you plan your routes smart then even taking a shower whilst walking in place is possible. In truth, not exactly as simple as it sounds to start with but still perfectly doable.
However, there are also certain essential functions that unless there is medical reason, that do require a couple of moments being stationary. I suppose you could keep moving during these activities… but it would make a complete mess of your shorts and most likely take the choice out of ‘social distancing’.
Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t suggest for a moment that everybody should quickly go and try it as most people do need sleep and the strain it puts on your body is definitely not healthy, physically or mentally. It’s bad enough that some seem to have got the impression that I issued a challenge to others when I first passed the 100k mark (this was not the intention). I certainly don’t want to be responsible for the injuries of others following suit by attempting to repeat any of the other daft s#!t I decide to challenge myself with.


I wondered what happened to you. Hope you are ok and staying safe.
I am sure that at some point you will get there and pass 100k. If it helps at all, it may be wiser for yourself if you just go out and do it one day at random. It sounds odd but it does take all the pressure off. If you know or even think that other people are wondering whether you have done it or not or watching to find out whether you were successful, it can cause you to subconsciously add additional pressure. I know that the first few times I was successfully, it was by pure accident. I didn’t even have in my mind that that was what I was gonna go out and do. The physical stress is enough without adding extra pressure to it.
It’s just a thought to try and help, we are all different and I might be completely wrong, you may operate better under pressure I don’t know.


Okay Kyle I think your getting way to hung up on the whole walking without stopping deal. Weather or not it’s possible is not the focus . The focus is simply logging in 100,000 steps in a 24 hour period . Ideally one would want to do this as a singular activity . Aka a nice long walk . I don’t ever not take brakes and walk “non-stop” !! That would be retarded. I take brakes rather frequently. Regardless of the brakes we still refer to it as just a walk. The word “walk “ conveys the activity rather clearly . Instead of say “ I took 54 walks today “ …also retarded to say. For the record I never plan out my walk path . I just start walking until I feel better about whatever is bothering me that day. I appreciate the concern for my health cowboy but this ant my first rodeo , and I’m a big boy I can handle a little injury now and then . The ill effect to my body are worth the positive effects it has my my mental state .


Phatt one, how are you my colleague of the walk ?
Myself …well my life is a tragic series of missfortune, odd bad luck and avid participator in making bad choices. I was hit head on by a car that was going 45 mph while I was on foot crossing the street. How I survived Is a pure anomaly. Not only survived but did even get any lone lasting medical condition. I did get lots of ouchies but I walked out of the hospital 2 days later and able to function . I did get a brain injury, a few broken pieces , and 2 surgery’s to remove car parts from my right elbow.
I don’t remember any of it . Just woke up in the hospital ( the 3rd time I have woke up in a hospital when I did not go to sleep in the hospital) while being wheeled in to the operating room for my 2nd surgery of the day . The brain injury took a few months to heal and durning that time I became homeless a lost my entire ability to take care of myself . I eventually ended up checking myself into a psych hospital and spent 3 months trying to figure out what happened to me. I did eventually find a police report as contract a lawyer to start a personal injury lawsuit against the guy who ran me over.
Other than that my life has been …shity


Way too hung up? Not at all. I just find 17 hours walking a bit of a far mission considering I haven’t met anyone personally who’s done that walk myself. Assumptions are allowed. Also. ‘Cowboy’ no one said it was your first rodeo. If walking does you mentally good then fair play.