$1000 Marathon Offers


I know that you are used to hearing this over and over again but you need to remove the transfer lock on the Marathon Offers. Let us pool our Sweatcoin together and get a $1000 reward. The $1000 offer keeps the coin value high and makes it “worth it” for the average user to walk for. I am sure this is the main thing every single one of your users want and I sincerely hope you seriously consider this request. Thank you!


Agree n disagree here instead of pooling maybe we should be allowed to set up small teams this cab very easily be abused other wise look at faucets and all inbetween people will abuse the system reason why 1 person isnt in charge of reciving the teams share

2 the team may give diffrent amounts

3 how do you know its not the same personw ith several accounts


It’s not about pooling necessarily. At the moment we are not allowed to claim the $1000 offer with coins that we have received from other people, you need to earn 20000 Sweatcoin only by walking which is realistically impossible. What I am asking for is for them to let us claim the offer with transferred coins.


If Sweatcoin wants to succeed they need to offer something better than cheap junk and impossible goals for 20000 coins. If 20000 coins get you $1,000 than why not something more realistic like 2000 coins for $50 or $50 gift card etc.


I’m sure they should be able to find some great things to offer in the range of 10 - 50 usd in value. You have gift cards for example.

Having local offers would be nice, but they need to work more for those to work, international offers would probably be “easier” .


20000 Sweatcoins is not realistically impossible - it just takes a while. Having spent only a very small number on offers (possibly around 30) I’m now approaching 9500. It’s taken me 20 months, so on that basis I’m looking at a total of 42 months to reach 20000 - just another 22 months to go (and possibly less if they finally open up the next level, which has been ‘coming soon’ since I signed up).


Well, I’m 61 so for me it is impossible and that does change the fact there should be meaningful awards at lower levels.


What would you like to see in terms of offers? :slight_smile:


If 20,000 gets you $1,000, Than why not 2,500 for $50 or $50 in a gift card.