$1000 Marathon Offers


Yeah it’s a minimum 32/34 months not impossible I joined 5 days ago already at 100swc maxing out on steps the last 2 days with the new upgrade I cant see it taking much over 2 years but would be nice to have a cash out options at 5,000 and 10,000swc


But they say 20k swc earned in 24 months. It is designed to be unachievable


There’s no time limit - you can take all the time you need :slight_smile:
The marathon offers are there for you to aspire to and set as a goal to achieve - a little extra motivation :wink:


Bet i will do this in record time they vall me walking shoes. What you ned to sye up event on the beautiful ozatk mountain such as buffalo river trail the best


I cant see the $1000 offer, no way its gone? Im doin walking for this offer, and i dont give a s*it its take me years to do that but this money help people a lot.


Hey @Simon_ur, it’s still available in my store (I live in Serbia).


An internal market where people can buy our Sweatcoins using different payment methods :dollar:

Here is a potential implementation I suggested a while ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/sweatcoin/comments/7v015h/effective_solution_to_put_an_end_to_scams/


Hello, I would like to see VISA gift cards or other cash options. However, I want the same cash ratio for every small prize. For example, 20000 SC = $1000. So, I would like to see 2000 SC = $100.

Some people like smaller rewards more often. I think this would get people excited about continuing to create SC.


No response from the admins?


There are smaller cash prizes that can show up in your marketplace - or you can invite some friends for access to the influencer marketplace where there are lot’s more cash rewards :slight_smile:


Thank you for responding. I have never seen a cash award on Marketplace but will keep watching for them.


Also, please contact me when the cash offers are posted so that I can look for them.


But is the a limit to how many marathon offers you can claim


I am still checking for the cash offers.


Not just make it race let’s go and spread the word through those with disabilities and those that suffer from mental illness


So why does it say acheivable with 24 months? Is that a hypothetical estimation? Or a rule?

I got the app recently and I want to be sure I’m not dissapointed in the end.


Ashton, I have not seen any cash offers. Help!


Im not receiving 20€ a day and i pay 30 a month i do not get nearly enough fir the amount of walking i do sometimes its doesnt evem count them and everything is working and gps is on and all i do us walk. I dont drive at all walk everywhere. Why is it nit working anymore


Emma, I do not have 60 friends that want to do this. How many do I need to enter the Marketplace?


Emma - Ashton - No replies?