$1000 Marathon Offers


No response from the admins?


There are smaller cash prizes that can show up in your marketplace - or you can invite some friends for access to the influencer marketplace where there are lot’s more cash rewards :slight_smile:


Thank you for responding. I have never seen a cash award on Marketplace but will keep watching for them.


Also, please contact me when the cash offers are posted so that I can look for them.


But is the a limit to how many marathon offers you can claim


I am still checking for the cash offers.


Not just make it race let’s go and spread the word through those with disabilities and those that suffer from mental illness


So why does it say acheivable with 24 months? Is that a hypothetical estimation? Or a rule?

I got the app recently and I want to be sure I’m not dissapointed in the end.


Ashton, I have not seen any cash offers. Help!


Im not receiving 20€ a day and i pay 30 a month i do not get nearly enough fir the amount of walking i do sometimes its doesnt evem count them and everything is working and gps is on and all i do us walk. I dont drive at all walk everywhere. Why is it nit working anymore


Emma, I do not have 60 friends that want to do this. How many do I need to enter the Marketplace?


Emma - Ashton - No replies?


I was wondering if sweatcoin could do something that donates money or clothes or supplies to Australia


im on the earn 600 per month I do 10000-18000
2 to 3 times a week the rest of the time 14k, 18k
5k, 8k,15k i did 45 miles in under a month an im no where near 20000 sweat coin goal


How many invites does it take to get in the influencers marketplace.


Emma - Ashton - No replies? Hello???


We try to get as many cool offers in the marketplace as possible - feel free to suggest some in this thread: Offer suggestions


I have the sweat coins influence marketplace and all the offers are only based on if you get invites not if you actually have sweatcoins? Is this the right marketplace and do all Marathon offers must be only purchased by your sweatcoins cause the camera offer didn’t say anything about all the coins must be used earned by you?!


now this is really why people try to cheat


Kind of takes the piss lol. All them invites to only see offers that you can buy with more invites it’s like a misleading joke.