$1000 Marathon Offers


How do u get cash offers


What Happened to the $1000 offer? I only started using this app as a goal to try and reach that and now that I am paying to be at the level of trouble maker I see that it’s gone completely. What gives? I don’t want any of the other offers on here. Cash option was my motivation. So now what’s happening?


It’s not available at the moment in my store either here in Canada. Very unhappy about it.


Hey - we’re currently working on a designated Canadian marketplace for offers that will all support your area. Keep an eye out!


It will come back have some patience.


I know this topic is 2 months old, but any news on the Canadian marketplace? Our marathon offers have been pretty scarce this year. No $1000, no iPhones or TVs… and what’s there (home boxer kit and camera) is sold out.
I’m far from the 20,000 coins, but it’s good to know if it will be improved once I reach it.


I’m patiently waiting too in Canada.


Don’t bother. They’ve replaced the £1000 cash prize for a 350£ go pro bundle. Never thought the app was shit until yesterday… 2.5 years of wasted effort for nothing.


Really? Here in Canada we got the Samsung 75” TV for a while and it was ok because it was more than 1,000 dollars for 20,000 sweatcoins. But now it’s gone and we have products that cost less than 1,000 for 20,000 coins (like the Dyson hairdryer that it’s really nice but it’s about 400 dollars).

I don’t get why we should pay 20,000 for them, thought it had a currency logic behind this. And our $1,000 TransferWise offer is missing for a long time…


Totally Agree, but let’s look on the bright side. It’s still a free gift at some point, when cashing in the coins :grin:


lol. There ain’t no bright side to people who don’t want TVs or hairdryers mate. I want the cash and I think 70/80% of the users did too.


@Kyle93 I do agree. The 1k cash prize was the No. 1 reason why I, and 1000s of others, joined. But seeing as you’re over halfway there, you may as well leave it running and still get to the 20000,and see whats available then. Just don’t pay for the Trouble Maker!!


Yeah I agree with your POV mate. I may just stick in there but the staff on this forum are crap.


Yep, I was in it for the cash! There’s a 55” tv available here in the U.K. but my living room is tiny, and a tv that size would look ridiculous! Ah well, earn the coins and see what’s available when I get there, almost halfway.


Totally agree. Am sure the staff only do this part time!


Yep! I’m still far away from the 20,000 and I do hope that when I get there, there’s a marathon offer that interests me (hopefully the 1,000 or some PayPal cash out option). Walking is my only way of transportation, but at least the app encourages me to walk a bit more than I normally would, so I’ll just keep it!


@Bh_sarah I agree with you there. It’s on in the background(usually!) doing its thing, plus it’s kind of addictive! I’m hoping for the 1k or Disney type of trip to be on there when I do reach the Magic number, in about 3 to 4 years!. Many of us walk for work, or like you, walk for transportation, so why not earn ourselves a lil treat. I get why so many are fed up with the App right now, it does feel like it’s turned more so, into a money making app for the owners (and why not, it is a business, after all) than a community trying to reach a common goal together.


If they would post it to a cryptocurrency trading site it might be more appealing. I have no use of any of the things in the marketplace.


Their part time job is to read and reply the forum. Their full time job is something more important (eg getting more members to join the app or other improvement on the app)


This is an official reply for Ashton back in 2019 but guess they have forgotten what they have said or the company have taken a directional change towards a wrong path ?:zipper_mouth_face: