$1000 Marathon Offers


The app is still in development, as a result there are going to be updates, changes, bugs and more that will always be worked on by our team.
We’re working hard to bring you a great app with fair, valuable offers to make you strive for fitness.
Remember - our mission is to make the world healthier, one step at a time.

It’s been over a year since that was posted, and of course there have been numerous updates and new features since then. The Auctions have replaced marathon offers as an improvement in our eyes - you can all bid, see and win auctions nearly daily.


A screenshot of Emma comment from another posting


It would be better if we could ALL see how many of the coins we have we can use for bidding. I’ve seen comments from iPhone users saying that have two figures - one for total coins, and one for coins they’ve earned themselves. Why hasn’t this functionality been rolled out to Android as well?

I’m not even sure what counts as ‘earned’. I have those converted from steps, the extras from boost, and those from daily bonuses - plus a few as a competition prize. Which of those can I use for auctions? If I go for one of the small value daily offers, does that get paid for with coins I’ve earned, or will it use other coins first if I have some? Or is it in order of the date they were credited to your account? Not sure I actually have the patience to try and manually calculate 3 years figures into the different pots though…


I agree with this statement. Would be nice to see same for Android.


@khmelev I can’t lie. The advent calendar is a pretty cool
Idea. Well done.


Hey - I’ll bring this up with the team and find out about any android updates to bring you all up to date on features :slight_smile: