$1000 usd prize gone?


Just updated app and the $1000 usd marathon offer gone, I’m in uk, not happy if this has gone, been aiming for this offer for a long time


I have just noticed this as well - I also wont be happy if this has now been withdrawn


In Canada, this was withdrawn months ago. Currently only the TV.


They also removed that option in Denmark, we only got GoPro - hero 7 and 75 inch TV left.


Awww now they removed the Dyson hair curlers too :rofl:.

Sorry, I’ve got less hair that the average boiled egg. Dyson vacuum cleaner for my head rather than a hair styling product might have been more useful but never mind.


Even the TV has been reduced to a 55" ! Very disappointing


Was the £1000 prize ever there? Just a carrot dangling there for us and if more and more people started nearing the target, it was going to get taken away anyway??


I was aiming for this prize too. It’s a shambles. It’s A absolute scam.


Typical. I started to paying for the Trouble Maker level to get there faster, and I’m now on 16,774 coins. That one has always been my target,

When I get home from work tonight I will be downgrading to Breaker. No point in paying real money when there’s no longer a reward I’m interested in. 3 days until my next charge is due, so at least I’ve got time to cancel it…


It’s been a. Massive misleading prize for us I think. A lot of people are rapidly getting close to the 20K mark and they’ve removed it. Instead of removing the holidays and TVs they’ve gave us more TVs


I agree about the misleading prize. I was shooting for the $1000 as well. I have a couple of more years to go though…maybe by then it will be back LOL


If all goes to plan I would of had the £1000 by


Playing devil’s advocate here, but you guys sound pretty greedy.
When you exchange 20K coins for the TV they send you the monetary value for it. Which a quick search equates to about £500. While you’re right that this is a big drop from the £755 we would have got from the $1000 equivalent, it’s still a significant sum of money.
I’m a postie, so do a lot of walking, so have an advantage over many sweatcoiners; but I reckon I should get 20K coins in about 18 months. At £1 a month Trouble Maker subs, I would say exchanging £18 for £500 every year and a half is still pretty good value!


Yeah i can see what u r saying, but will they give us cash/bank transfer or a voucher for a tv i.e argos voucher?? Nice if it is bank transfer if so why don’t they just have a lower cash marathon offer? Also i think prizes are limited to one per person i think. Still happy with app just disappointed that $1000 has gone, happy walking/running everyone :grinning:


That’s a good point. If $1000 is unsustainable, a lower cash out value might make sense.


They change the camera too. From 16.000 to 20.000.


Taking the Micky lol.