19,200+ steps, only 1.35 coins?


I signed up a few days ago. Last night I used it at work for the first time. I walked over 19,200 steps for the day…only received 1.35 sweatcoins. I upgraded my account to Quaker just before I went to work should have received about 19 coins. Has anyone else had a similar problem? When I had the mover account for two days I received almost 5 coins with under 10,000 steps. If this persists I will just uninstall.


Similar as me. I earned 9 sweatcoins a day and now the step count remains at 0. It does not count at all


Thanks for letting me know. At least I know it’s not just me. Going to try again today at work, I will update after work.


By the sounds of it, your gps is reading that you are doing the same steps/movement, so it does not use every step as a conversion.

IE: I work for a bailiff, so many of my steps are repeated st2ps. While the step counter picks them up, the conversion does not use all of the steps as individual ones.


Thanks Carla for the info. I’m a banquet Server and work different venues all the time. I worked a different venue today and walked just over 16,00 steps and received 2.75 coins. The first two days I signed up I received almost 5 coins just walking around my house.


I think i slightly better explained it elsewhere, so I will just quote myself so that maybe it makes a bit better sense.
Please keep in mind that this is just my personal experience.

I have the samsung galaxy S9, and I noticed that it does indeed count ALL the steps, but because your GPS says you are basically moving indoors/warehouse, it does not count every step you do.

For example, I work for a bailiff, so I am doing approximately 20k steps a day, indoors, but it only counts a portion (FAQ even states things about indoors).
If I take my dogs for a walk (approximately 7K to 15K steps depending on how energetic they are), it tends to count just about every step (other than SC’s commission).

So, basically, because your wifi/data and gps states you are ‘indoors’ or doing outdoor ‘yard work’ (IE: outdoor warehouse), I believe it picks up back and forth steps and does not include it as actual ‘earnings’


I have the same problem. My phone’s counter picked up 10k, the app 1800. Clearly the problem is the app. I walked in a straight line, so the gos would have no issues. They are also a xurate to within a foot or so, so should count pacing.

I logged it, the answer I got was ’ check the bug list’. All it mentioned was an issue with registering on iOS.

I also notes it made my phone very very hot. I closed the app down, but still hot. Turnabout that despite the Dev’s statement that the app has to be open to work, it actually still runs in the background after closing. Very high battery usage as well.

So doesn’t count steps properly, needs to be open but still runs in background when closed, eats battery and heats up phone.

So many issues, this app clearly wasn’t testedd properly. The users are doing the testing for them.