2021 Resolution


Hey there,
I set up the 2021 resolution but steps weren’t counted correctly in this section

What can you suggest me ? Thank you


My new years resolution is for the app to count my steps properly, which it’s doing, but also give me my earned coins, roughly 15 to 20 a day I should get, but all I get is 2 or 3…
Its my Huawei phone apparently, even though a diagnostic test was done, amThey don’t put that on there ads do they!


I had something similar because I only got around to setting the resolution yesterday. It was saying 0 steps, but 2%. Looks like the year so far number only counts steps after you picked your target; but restarting the phone seems to fix this.

In the screenshot, it looks like your yearly plan has 14 months. So does mine, but where your graph goes Jan-Jan-Feb-Mar-Mar, mine has Jan-Feb-Mar-Mar-Mar.
Can’t wait to see how it tracks my progress in that month!




Wish I set mine higher now lol.


Do you have any ideas regarding Monthly Goal prize?


I didn’t even know there was prizes lol!? I don’t win crud all anyway lol.


Still can’t decide on a sensible goal for the 2021 resolution feature. I don’t wanna take a step backwards but if I look at a 10% increase over the year, the daily smart goals are just not sensible at all and I can’t comfortably commit to aiming at even the winter months targets. It’s not a fault in the app, the goals are derived mathematically, I assume based on the past 12 months and whatever increase percentage. More likely to be a faulty me :rofl:


G’Day @mr.cherya

Just doing whatever the typing equivalent of thinking out loud is :man_shrugging:t3:

If you don’t mind me asking, what date did you fix your resolution goal. I don’t know if it makes any difference but just wondering if you started a few days into January started. If so, it may be that only the dates after you select your goal are taken into consideration in calculation.

As I say, it’s only a quick thought and could be completely wrong.


No :frowning: the app doesn’t work correctly, also I have 14 months in 2021…


It was just a thought. I haven’t applied a resolution goal yet myself so haven’t seen how it functions using my figures.

The 14 month thing doesn’t seem right though. On the plus side, it does offer another two months where you could possibly win. :man_facepalming:


I had the same exact experience and did it repeatedly. Hopefully, it will work its way out.


What are people setting as there goal/target for the year


@Emma I have 2 questions, why are the months 14? Why, once the first month of January is completed, does the second count not start?


Does anyone remember how many months were shown when they were setting up the Resolution Goals?

Just wondering because I stumbled across a screen grab of the Resolution setup page just before new year when I was trying to decide on a goal and I noticed that the correct 12 months are shown.

Obviously, until you actually submit the Resolution Goal, there is no way of seeing the version of the chart that shows progress and current pace so I submitted the goal and target, just to see. However, I am still only seeing 12 months on the resolution monthly goal progress page.

Obviously, it would be a bit strange for someone to start a thread to say that everything is working exactly as expected with no problem but It would be interesting to see if anybody else has the correct 12 months of the year rather than having to wonder why January ends up being a real life tribute to the movie Groundhog Day.


Lol. You come off the forum and 1;35am. Now your back on it 6 hours later… you
Really like the forum that much buddy.


Actually, I started writing something at 1:35am, got side-tracked, forgot I was writing, then noticed the browser tab and finished whst I started :crazy_face:


Well, I have twelve months but it’s starting in December! Haha


:rofl: Love it.
That one I haven’t seen yet… Congratulations :partying_face:

Unless you’ve been sat on your backside throughout January, I take it that’s a somehow a labeling error and you are a supermarkets wander away from reaching your January target?

Hang on… why on earth did you stop when you were only 1k off :rofl: please don’t say that you left it until tomorrow cos you wanted to feel like you achieved your target on a Friday. :crazy_face: