2021 Resolution


Hahah well, I’m basically one month in the past… stuck forever in 2020!

It’s still early here in Canada! I just completed the Dece… January goal! But to be fair I had completed it one week before, I just kept setting up new goals to see if the December problem went away and the app always pushed my goal a little higher (maybe it has its perks?)


You have just answered the next question. Randomly, I got the same goal setup page when midnight passed in the UK… probably shooting myself in the foot a little but I got the opportunity to knock the resolution goal a couple of million for the year. I don’t know if there is any actual benefit as far as the app rewards go but it does give chance to push yourself that little bit more.
If I’m honest, I haven’t actually got any desire to win any prizes. One of the other apps I have used over the past year. Basically the app started the year with one list of prizes with set values but once a prize was claimed it was gone, not refilled, not replaced with items of different value. Everything from smart watches or power bank to iphones ipads and even a MacBook Pro. At one point I was in the position with enough point to claim a prize and it was pointed out that I could claim.
It made me realise that regardless of whether a prize is involved, I will continue to exercise now anyway and no doubt continue just at myself ridiculous goals. However, for some users, the prices are the incentive and without the prizes to aim for, some users probably wouldn’t even bother stepping out for a little exercise. I would much rather forego reward myself and be content with the knowledge that by just leaving the rewards for the users who use the chance of winning a prize as their motivation to stay active. In the long run, it could make a big difference for a users or users to keep pushing on with their daily exercise in pursuit of reward or that same user or users giving up and ending up sat on the couch playing video games instead.


Did anyone who hit their monthly goal see anything about the monthly prize draw? I was expecting it to update this morning but it’s not showing anything…


Same here with strange, double months on the graph


Don’t forget, the month will not have ended for users worldwide just yet. I don’t personally know long after the month end any draws will take place or what kind of announcements will be made.


Oooh good point that’s true. I just thought it was weird that the only place it’s advertised is when you go into setting up your monthly goal…


There’s still this issue although he went through the year.

The devs should look into it, although it’s a minor bug as long as it doesn’t affect the actual performance


Have the people with 2 Jans started on the second one now, or gone onto their Feb target?


Anyone had any news on the monthly targets ? I thought we were being entered into a draw ??


Maybe since the target can still be edited (probably even throughout the full year) they draw collectively all month once resolutions are locked in.


However I would also be curious about such Details.

Maybe sweatcoin crew would have a lot less work and discussions within this forum if there was kind of a tutorial website explaining basic functions and elaborating on the modus of new features.


Hadn’t spotted that - but having just taken another look at mine I also have to live through March three times :open_mouth:


The screenshot I have from setting my target shows March three times - that’s my groundhog month!


Long post - sorry.

When I went to set up my resolutions I was rather confused by the 2020 figures I was being shown. I took screenshots which state…

I’d walked 1,338,073 steps. Really? My pedometer app says 6,337,510 (and that failed to work for a week leading up to Christmas, so I’m probably missing 160,000). My highest MONTH was 804,332, so the annual figure for Sweatcoin is well off!!

I covered 633.56 miles. Again, really? I GPS tracked 2,527.86 miles, and that doesn’t include walks to/from local shops, around the shops, around the house, or moving around the office at work (key worker so nothing’s changed significantly for me).

I earned 6,980 coins. That I’ll have to accept as a possibilty. I had one month on Trouble Maker, but other than that I’ve been on Breaker, So 20 coins a day for the entire year would be 7,300 - but I know I didn’t make it every day.

I burned 66,904 calories. And another ‘really?’. My fitness watch (which calculates from my heart rate) says approaching 370,000. That difference covers more than a few pizzas :pizza:

It also informs me my best month was December with 752,238 steps. My pedometer says 517,758 - but it’s also the month I may have lost 160,000-ish, so I’d have accepted 670,000. 752k+ sounds high to me.

So I set my resolution as 7,000,000 steps at a fixed target (expecting that to mean an average of about 19,178 a day all year long).

For some reason when I hit the ‘Insights’ button I’m informed my annual target is 8,166,666 steps (absolutely NO idea where that came from). For January I was given a monthly target of 583,333, with a daily average target of 18,817 steps, For February I have a monthly target of 583,333, with a daily average target of 20,900 steps.

The monthy target figure is my selected 7,000,000 divided by 12. But I’d expected the monthly target to vary according to the days in a month, with my daily average remaining the same for the whole year.


@cw18 I’m the last person to say anything about users writing long posts :rofl: as is evident by the length of this post in reply. :man_facepalming:

I think the initial goal is supposed to be based upon your last years health data (probably GoogleFit or however the Android system stores its data).

If you tap on the edit icon in the top right of the “Yearly Goal” box, you should see the resolutions settings screen initially used to setup goals. In the iOS version, in addition to the option to amend the yearly goal,there is an option to select “smart goals” or something similar (hopefully, there is a similar or identical option for android devices). This option shows variable goals throughout the year that appear to reflect average or common variations in exercise levels throughout the seasons. I don’t know if these variations are based upon historical data from the Google fit dataset or if this is based upon an collective data.

Before I start to veer off topic and start writing my thoughts… back to the point…

Hopefully this is should offer you A set of months ago was that a bit closer to what you would be expecting to see.

As for the Groundhog Day Effect…
I only settled on a goal to start with after noticing that so many users had mentioned the extended calendar and I was curious to try and figure out where it came from. However, that bit seems to have worked perfectly for me. In a way I was a little miffed not to have a chance to try and actually figure out why it may occur, I was also glad to see that it can work correctly so there’s a very high chance it will be sorted out for users presented with the extra couple of months.

I hope this actually made sense and that it helps, at least with part of it anyway :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Just a little note, whilst writing this reply, I decided to delete a large chunk of info after deciding that although It was for the most part relevant, it would no doubt lead to confusion to be dropped in the middle of a thread and would probably be wiser to open the subject in a separate thread. If I thought about it properly at the time, I would’ve just cut the rambling and pasted it into a new thread but as I didn’t I think that far ahead (once more using senility as my defence) I will try and rewrite it again in a fresh post in the next few days if anyone fancied finding out what on earth I’m babbling on about.


I’ve tried resetting my target 3 or 4 times, and always end up with the same thing.

But after reading your reply I had a thought, and tried a computation which seems to give an answer.

The target I set is 7,000,000 (if I let Sweatcoin assign me a figure it’s based on me having done 1,338,073 last year, which is a totally incorrect figure - and I did more than half of that last month!)
Divide my 7,000,000 by 12, and I get 583,333/month which is a figure I’m seeing (green circles on previous pics)
Multiply that by 14 (as that’s how many months I have bars for), and I get a revised annual total of 8,166,166 - which is the figure I’m finding disturbing (yellow circle)

I’m still a little confused as to why my ‘fixed’ figure is the number of steps per MONTH rather than DAILY target - I think they need to look at that! This is the screen I got when I set my annual figure, and it clearly states a fixed DAILY target of 19,200 - despite showing the 2 extra months.

You say you don’t have the extra months, but it’s clear from your reply you’re on Apple whilst I’m on Android. Seems to me that this must be the reason for the difference. I know we’ve had totally different things before.

Oh, and mine gets the data from GoogleFit. Trying to get the historical monthly figures from there wasn’t as simple as my normal pedometer, but I’ve got there (6,532,130). It appears the figure quoted for December is correct - I clearly lost more than I’d have expected in the week my other one decided to stop working! I’m guessing the fact I struggled to get the historical data is the reason Sweatcoin misquoted - the figure they mention is slightly higher than my November and December totals added together.

If I go in and leave it at ‘smart’ rather than ‘fixed’ (still on my 7,000,000 target) I get some rather disturbing target figures, which is the main reason I opted for Fixed in the first place.


I can see exactly what you mean, that Definitely seems to be a little messed up (as an understatement)


Anyone heard anything about the monthly draw if you reach your targets ? I smashed January by 140% but not heard anything


Same, waiting for the announcement of the winner.


Actually I wonder if the new year resolution actually exists as I heard nothing after the start in December/early January…