2021 Resolution


Speaking of, I got a mail today about the first month of the NY resolution being through, but I couldn’t find anything about it in the Insights, although it redirects me there

EDIT: Okay, it’s mentioned in the :pencil2: of the yearly goal.


You are right @ISh98! I got that email as well, but I have not seen it. Sounds good so far, let’s see! For me January was easy to achieve, February will be really though though (10,200 steps target pace, current pace 7,633 steps :sweat_smile:)

Home office is not helpful… So I seek for further motivation…


I was notified of an update to the Sweatcoin app yesterday evening, which I installed.

I no longer have 14 months, which is great news :smile:
And I now have the annual target I set showing on my front screen :+1:

But my monthly & daily targets still don’t make sense :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anuual total = 7,000,000 steps which is now showing correctly - yellow circle

Whilst setting my target, this gave me a fixed daily average target of 19,200 (should be 19,179 rounded up to closest step, so the system clearly rounds to closest 100).

Multiply that by 31 for January and it should have been 595,200 (or 594,521 using unrounded daily average), but showed - and still shows - a monthly target of 583,333 (green circle). This figure is my annual average divided by 12, which I finally figured out a few days ago.

Using the stated daily average of 19,200, the February target should be 537,600 (or 536,987 using unrounded figure). Using annual divided by 12 would be 583,333, which is what shows in the monthy goal panel (white circle). Yet I have a lower monthly target of 568,393 (red circle) in the monthly results panel. I’ve figured that this is my annual target less what I actually did in January, and then divided by 11 (number of months left in year). So which do I need to meet in order to get entered into the monthly prize draw :thinking:
(I now see this problem was in place on my previous pictures, so it’s not a new thing with this latest update - I just missed spotting it !!)

Come on Sweatcoin, this needs sorting - and promptly, so that people who set a well calculated target for annual improvement stand a chance of meeting their February target. If we need to meet the one in the monthly results panel and they only just scraped their January one (probably even worse if they missed out by even a small amount!), then the figure showing here is likely to be higher than January despite having 3 fewer days to complete it :confounded:

The current system also means that people who exceed their monthly target (as set by the app) in the early months of the year are going to be able to take it easy at the end of the year if it’s the monthly results panel figure we need to achieve, as the monthly average needed to complete will continually drop. That’s not how a fitness challenge should work !!


Am I the only one one month behind? The update didn’t solve anything.


Well, at least it solved the repeated months. Send a support ticket in-app to catch their attention on this too


Nope I am one month behind as well and was hoping it would fix itself eventually




Maybe it has to do with us being from Canada lol ! I really have no idea why we are behind I still just walk and hope that someday it will catch up with me lol !!


@Jen On the plus side, at least the Second January doesn’t have a goal set in it according to your chart.
Inside every cloud is a silver lining. :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Spotting this did remind me to check my own insights chart. Thankfully, I still have the correct number of months in the correct order and it looks like I’m working away the right month.

Hopefully, this will get sorted for those experiencing issues sooner rather than later.


That’s one way of looking at it lol !! I don’t even care honestly as long as I’m still walking they can mess up whatever charts they want !


Loving the attitude :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Admittedly, when everything is running smoothly, both the insights and the conversion history graphs in the profile (iOS only unfortunately) are fantastic personal motivation tools. The most important factor is staying active for yourself and your own health.

Often, many of these daft little quirks can be quite funny and I don’t think anybody could complain about a reason to smile.


Hahha we’re always behind! Hope it gets fixed! It’s annoying but at least the steps are being counted right.


Transparency. That’s what we need. Period.


Honestly I was starting to get pretty annoyed cause I felt like it was a bit harder to find the motivation to keep going but I got a few other walking apps so I could compare the results and sometimes this one is off a bit and vice versa . I honestly don’t really expect to get much out of it prize wise and never have so I don’t care so much about that I just like having my own numbers to beat and it is so cold in Canada during the winter so any way I can find to try to make myself get out works for me . The crowd funding is great cause I’m all about animals so I will just keep donating whenever I see one that I think is a good cause .