20K target - £1000 prize


Hi. Kyle here. As you all
Know I’ve been off this forum for quite a while now. I’ve only recently just logged back in today to write this topic. I’ve noticed you’ve replaced the tv for another tv. Kept the bang plug olufsen headphones replaced the £1000 for a £329 go pro bundle set. I have one question. Is this £1000 cash prize coming back because if not il the 3 years I’ve wasted reaching 11K coins would be a complete waste of time. @khmelev @Ashton @Emma


Agree, I’ve got atv already, as we all have! I’d prefer the 1k in payment, seems more of a selling point to anybody that joins, earn cash for walking, not get a TV or a set of headphones!


It’s bullshit. I loved this app now I don’t.


Totally agree mate. @Kyle93

What are they playing at? It’s one thing I’ve been striving for as well as the community.

At least have decent offers? @Oleg @Emma @Phatt.One

We need answers!


I’m sure there are lots of people who are striving to get to the 20,000 mark to get the £1000 reward, myself included. I feel like I’ve been kicked in the teeth really as I’m sure there was never a reward there in the first place.

Now that the Trouble Maker is in place and other bonuses, people are making good progress towards the 20K target - and now it gets taken away!


As always, no warning as to what’s going to happen. Keeping up the awful customer services record I see!


@Oleg you or your staff going to have the decency to reply? Or just long-par us off like you do
On other topics… that offer has been there since day one. Now you see a lot of users getting close to the 20K mark you’ve revaluated your descion to remove it. If i knew trouble
Maker would affect marathon offers in the long run then I would of happily stayed on breaker. Your app is becoming rapidly crap to say the least.


@Kyle93 I’m guessing there are a LOT of people that have downloaded the app and have seen the £1000 prize as something to aim for whilst getting fit through walking etc. What motivation do they have now, seeing as their goal has now been taken away with no notice whatsoever?? I have a feeling that there are going to be a lot of disgruntled people out there (and don’t even know about this forum)


It’s beyond a joke. They can’t be doing this.


Tbh mate. I was really enjoying the app and plodding on getting 20K. I’m just over half way and they do that… there’s obviously a lot of people who are claiming that prize. Now if someone had 19950 coins and you’ve just taken that prize away that person along with a lot of other people are going to feel so let down. We don’t want crappy TVs or bang olufsen headphones or the Disneyland offers. Why didn’t you change the headphones and the 4 holidays instead of the iPhone and £1000? I think you’ve really turned a blind eye to the people’s opinions and you honestly don’t give a toss about us. You just wanted people to subscribe to
Trouble maker earn as much as you possibly could. 3 months down the line remove the only cash out option prize for us? So you charge us for a app for us not to get the cash prize? @Oleg


Definitely true. They’ve got rid of the mixer who the hell wants that? Kitchen mixer lol?

They need to upgrade offers. I’m so close as well it’s annoying. I feel for anyone that close to the magical 20,000 mark. Something needs to be done!

@Ashton @Oleg


Yes I agree mate. It is a shambles to be honest. I only got the app for that marathon prize. I don’t need a tv. iPhone. Holiday etc. I just wanted that cash prize for next April when I go abroad to get my teeth done in Turkey it would of helped a lot.


@Kyle93 @Chowdhury_S If you got to the GoPro bundle offer - you don’t actually get the bundle! They will give you the monetary value of the bundle, so I’m guessing as the price goes down on the GoPro the less money Sweatcoin will give you?


Well it’s a complete Joke regardless! End of the day. We should have a poll/choice on what comes into the market offers then maybe people may actually buy more stuff for the value of
There hard earned sweatcoin. Now my only
Plan is to wait until sweatcoin is a blockchain until then my sweatcoins are useless. When I tried making a topic to sell
My sweatcoins they deleted it
Off this forum. So you won’t let me sell my sweatcoin but you used To encourage us to trade/sell/buy. I think your turning away from the customers point of perspectives and wishes and getting greedy now your earning big £ off paying sweatcoiners. @Oleg @Ashton @khlemlev


Utter joke now what do we do?


I’ve been a member since October 2017. I upgraded to Trouble Maker when they launched it, as I was beginning to feel the cash award was within reach. As of tonight I have 16,826.29 coins - and absolutely no reward of any interest whatsoever. My next payment for being on Trouble Maker is due in 2 days - so I’m about to downgrade back to Breaker, as there’s no point in paying hard cash to earn coins faster when there’s nothing I want to exchange them for !!!

And subscription cancelled…


Very fair point mate. I do not blame you. Watch someone will reply with ‘watch out it may return in the near future check back daily :slight_smile: ‘ it’s a joke lol copy and paste excuse.


Yep i was getting closer 14,411sc to date, i to am wondering if they was starting to panic a bit to having to pay out money they didn’t have???


@Dude Exactly my thoughts too!


I think they’ve been paying out non stop and decided to remove it as a business decision so they don’t have to pay out as much

I’ve noticed. The curved Samsung tv you don’t actually receive nor the go pro bundle. You receive the monetary value… kind of taking the mick a bit… so you’ve removed £1000 cash prize for two prizes. Go pro being worth £429 before being on sale.

The second being a Samsung curved tv. Valued at £699 on there official website.

So what the coo is. Is that you’ve taken big cash prize. Added two awful crap half priced prizes.

You’ve added more and more and more fundraisers for us to basically waste
Our coin on.

In my opinion. I think. You’ve turned sweatcoin from a fantastic motivating app. To a greedy self profiting company. You a company that supports fundraisers to make your company more reputable that is your only reason for supporting these fundraisers so you get more respect / recognition from a global point of perspective. When In essence You’ve turned your eye on the main goal of even having this app and that’s to keep people happy and active.