20K target - £1000 prize


And to top it all off. You encourage us to sell trade buy sweatcoins. But when I make topics on selling my coins you delete it and say it ain’t allowed on the forum. But you run unofficial discord servers allowing Users to do all I have said above…


Hey Kyle!

Thanks for joining us again here in the forum and for your questions and feedback… good to have you back!

Regarding the marathon offers, we’ve added a great new selection of offers just recently, including some really amazing new products! We believe it’s really important to keep things changing so that more of our userbase can benefit from a wide range of items :slight_smile:

However, I do appreciate, if you’ve been working up to the cash prize that this may be a little disappointing for some!

Regarding the £1k cash prize, we have awarded this to some of our Sweatcoiners a number of times, but the offer itself isn’t unlimited in quantity, so at the current time our partnerships team decided to review this offer as well as the marathon offers as a whole.

With the addition of some of our latest features and updates (like indoor step counting, the daily boost and Troublemaker) the fact is that we have more users redeeming this offer than ever before, and that’s another reason that we need to rethink things a little. Please understand that with the majority of our other offers, we have partnerships with them, and they offer their items as they see your steps as a valuable currency (which, of course, we strongly believe!). However, without a partnership with PayPal – this makes this offer a little more tricky (we hope they will believe in your steps as a currency in the future of course!).

Above all, please know that our marketplace is ever-changing, and just because the £1k (or any other offers) disappear from the marketplace, it doesn’t mean they won’t return in the future!

There are, for example, some offers now that are “tests”, meaning we will see how our Sweatcoiners perceived the offers and if they want to see more of these types of offers, we’ll add more options! :slight_smile:

I hope you can appreciate the marketplace, as with Sweatcoin, is always evolving and we really appreciate your feedback to help us make things better!

Lastly, regarding earning your 11k sweatcoins – that’s incredible! This certainly isn’t a waste of time… and if you do hit the 20k mark, there’ll always be something there for you which will be of huge monetary value – especially when it’s earned from your steps alone!

Let me know if you have any additional questions of feedback for the team – happy to pass it along!


@Emma Hello. As you can see, many of the community are upset with the loss of the 1k prize, including myself, Grrrrrrrr… Also the lack of warning about it, is what’s upsetting. Maybe you could say, the deals that are available are limited and maybe keep this information more upto date. Being fairly new I could see some of the marathon offers were limited but I didn’t know the 1k was. So i now know to expect changes, leading upto my challenge of reaching 20k in coins. One critique, All admins need to come on more often, communicate and take part in the community more often. Leader board too,to encourage some to go that extra mile or 10!! I’ve been a fierce critic, as I’ve had a tonne of issues, losing me over the course of my time on here, close to 1000 Sweatcoins( which I think is something that you guys need to look at and compensate anybody that has there steps not converting. ) So i give this App a 5/10. Customer services, only gets a 1/10. Very bad, the worst I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve flown with Ryannair!


You haven’t changed the four holidays though? You haven’t Changed the headphones You’ve just taken the most desired prize and swapped it for crap.

Ok so is the £1K cash prize returning or not is my question if so a rough time scale would be appreciated.

I only want the £1K cash prize. Everything else I have no value for. The big factor is. You put the same 20K swc price tag on items that are less then £1000 in value? You’ve also only just added this ‘monetary value malarkey’ too. These are not positive points For sweatcoiners to be honest @Emma.

If anything. You should up the value of the 20K sweatcoin prize of £1K to £2K because of the ‘monetary value’ us sweatcoiners pay. There’s millions and millions of users who probably do pay the 0.99 a month or whatever. And if we are being drastically honest… I reckon 25% of the users you have Probably give up wayyyy before 20K after paying for a subscription. Yes it’s a choice to subscribe but it should also be our choice to vote on what stays / goes or what should be next. I personally feel like it’s a load of crud that I’ve wasted so long for nothing.


I hope that you people realise that the only reason people get this app is for the 1k marathon offer. Everything else is just complete and utter crap. On top of that now I have learned that the other marathon offers are worth way less than perceived… It’s all a joke really! I used to promote your app on my socials and praise it out of the kindnesses of my heart. From now on all of the promotions that I have put up will be taken down and I will be sure to not recommend this to anybody. Oh and let’s not forget a 1 star review in the app store. Bloody waste of my time.


I honestly feel a bit mugged off… use to come on this forum and bang on how good it was zero
Issues with conversion etc etc. Now I feel like a complete knobhead for wasting my 3 years in here.


May I add it’s (or was) $1000 not £1000 so if you you reached 20,000 you would receive $1000 but using the current exchange rate which currently would give you about £765.

To be fair it was in the small print but regardless has now disappeared. Something else to ponder is if PayPal take a fee, course they would in the region of £40 or so.

The loss of the offer has killed my motivation - is a real shame.


@DaveUK I didn’t know about the PayPal fees. Maybe that’s why they’ve stopped collaborating? I thought about giving it up, being only in my first year but will stick around, and see what changes. I personally won’t pay for this App, I was considering ut6, but not now


Hi. I haven’t ever known PayPal to do free transfers and it would be paid by the recipient of the payment. I was going to try and get to 20,000 but even if the offer returns could well disappear again. I have seen so many problems with the other offers with people ending up being debited unexpected amount etc that I wouldn’t touch them. They are no interest to me anyway.

I also wonder why the webpage is run from India (.in domain) when they are supposed to be UK based.

All very confusing.


@Emma @Ashton

Please update the offers regularly and have some exciting ones. Surely there is a way of still offering a cash prize if that’s £100, £200 or £500? Maybe if you reach 5k 10k 20k the big milestones something can be earned maybe just an idea.

With the TV I’ve seen we only get the monetary value for this? Is this not free than? Do we have to pay for delivery can you explain?

With the marathon offers why do we have to document the trip? Surely it’s a time to enjoy those ‘bucket list offers’ if we achieve that…

Maybe we are in a stick situation now but more holiday offers maybe.



Hi Daveuk. Yeah I understand your point of view but it did say or the equivalent to your home currency. Which for me is £!
Also I would assume it would be sent via a gift so it can’t have a issue fee on correct me if I
Am wrong though.
Any who
It’s gone now.


@Kyle93 @DaveUK As far as I know it was $1,000 or equivalent in your own country, so yes it would have been £1000 in the UK. Irrelevant now anyway, but I’m not giving up hope just yet as it may well appear again in the future (for limited time).

I’ll keep plodding on and aim for the 20K amount and beyond!


How much has everyone got by the way? Personally
I have 10500SC atm. I’m wondering if the daily bonus and 2x bonus contributed to the20K


@kyle93 @simonplym - thanks for the replies. You may well be right Simon. I read it as the equivalent of $1000. I was only guessing about the PayPal charge. Maybe worth asking about both things ;even though it’s no longer there).

I have 6,200 Kyle but in the past have sold a fair few on eBay as I was going to stop as became too obsessed. I then decided to start again but try to be more controlled but this whole episode has made me evaluate what chasing 20 coins a day is doing. I get irritated if I don’t achieve (usually do get there), avoid people so I don’t get slowed down when I am out walking, put off doing other more productive / sociable things, get frustrated with a day of poor bonuses or when I don’t do as well as I hope with the boost. Add on the frustration when coins are not counted, the 5% charge and most days I end up doing 22-24k steps! I have to work to so even started getting up at a ridiculous hour to get ahead.

Nobody knows just how many I do as I’m too embarrassed to tell them and in my humble opinion once we start doing things we wouldn’t want to confess to friends and family (because they sound a bit silly) it means things are out of control. I equally respect people can choose what they spend their time on.

On the subject of daily bonus and since it changes the average is 4.60 a day (yes I sadly track it).

For me now it’s about understanding better if the PayPal offer was ever really there. I can’t see it returning but for those really wanting to get it hope it does.

I can’t keep spending 3 or more hours a day walking and without the £1000 / $1000 there is no point. More importantly I don’t like what I am turning into all for a reward of about £1 a day! I do however think 10-15k step are very good for ones health.

Someone is earning very well out of people me thinks.


I currently have 8,465 and was hoping to achieve the 20,000 by end of 2021. This has been a real kick in the teeth and I hope that sweatcoin takes note of everyones comments and does something about it


@Andrew213284 I’m only on 3100 ish. I’ve had at least 1000 in coins lost this year due to no converting of my steps. But finally this last week, it seems to have settled back to normal( goodness knows for how long!). My aim, at the rate I walk,and barring anymore issues, was to reach the 20000 by mid to late 2023


What are you guys working towards now the PayPal offer has gone?


@DaveUK am just going to trundle along until I see what’s around when I get there, in about 3 years! That’s if the App behaves and converts my steps properly!!


Good idea. Will be interesting to see where the app goes. I may downgrade to 15 max a day as will help me be less obsessive. Part of me wouldn’t be surprised if the app is bought by someone else or just disappears. Who knows.



Don’t think it will disappear, it’s a good app in general. Hopefully offers are good by the time we reach 20k