20K target - £1000 prize


@DaveUK it is an Addictive site, trying to reach a goal( now gone!!) thankfully my job is a postie, so I just do what I regularly do, and look to get a treat for myself one day. I’d love the Disney type of trip, a(for some) once in a lifetime trip to be there when/if I reach the 20k.


Let’s hope so. Something about it doesn’t feel right though. Time will tell. One things for sure, unless some sort of monetary rewards are reinstated interest will dwindle big time.


Still have it. But the trips are not bad at all


You have to video the whole trip. How is that enjoyable whatsoever.


@Kyle93 I’m lost - video the whole trip?


@Kyle93 @DaveUK I believe you film it with a cam they give you, if you don’t have one, or they take whatever you film and they edit… Basically you sign over to them what content they use. I’d not mind, if it was the Disney trip personally… Which will be gone soon too… Grrr


Your totally right. I wouldn’t want to video anything why would I want to earn a marathon prize if I can’t enjoy the holiday itself. Who wants to go around Disney land recording there holiday to give it to sweatcoin to use as a free advertisement. Yeah it Should be a choice To
Record or not. In my opinion anyway.


I’m gunna plod
On til 20K by then I
Hope something worth it comes along.


Ah cheers seaside I didn’t realise. Have to say the rewards are far from what the first impressions are. As you say will be gone soon! Bring on Harry’s shaving kits :smile:


We really appreciate your feedback here and promise you we are working on adding some exciting things into the mix! We are taking all your feedback on board regarding more cash prizes, and will do our best to accomodate!

To give you a quick update, we are currently undergoing a few internal tests and trials as we work to revamp our marketplace! Your comments are incredibly valuable to us and please trust that we are taking them on board - don’t fret, as we have some exciting ideas on the horizon, so I’m sure they’ll be something perfect coming your way soon!


Thanks for your message here.

I understand that some of the community are upset by the removal of some offers, but please understand that nothing is permanent. We always take your feedback on board and our marketplace team are working hard on exciting solutions for you all – watch this space!

In terms of your customer service experience, I can’t apologise enough if you had a less than satisfactory experience… Are you still having conversion issues? If so, could you please explain in a little more detail what’s been happening, and provide your sweatcoin username and device model?

Thank you!


Yes. I walk anyway but do extra to get the coins so may revert to 15 a day and just take longer. All this said if the PayPal offer doesn’t return I will most likely delete the app and put it down to experience. As they say ‘if something looks too good to be true it probably is’.


Thanks Emma. Look forward to hearing about the new offers soon and thanks for the update. I will plod on for now with renewed hope :smile:


Hi Emma

I think as long as you keep us all in the loop so to speak with regular updates and maybe a few cash prizes added along the way, sweatcoin may be able to calm the angry mob so to speak…



We are starting to post more frequently on social media in the coming days and will include plenty of updates. We’ll also make sure to relay these over here in the community forum, as we really cherish you all and your great feedback!


Thankyou for a understanding response.


@Emma I wasn’t sure if part of your comment about non conversion of steps was aimed at one of my previous comments made this past week(@martin875154 my account)?
This past week it has been better. Also, I’m glad to see you guys are popping on here more often(finally!) especially as I don’t have any social media accounts


@Emma @Ashton You will see from the many replies that people are naffed off at this decision to remove the only decent prize. I have no confidence you have actually paid this out to anybody, you scammed people by attracting them with this offer and as soon as a few of us get within striking distance you remove it, which was probably always always the plan. I have over 18,000 sweatcoins and was only doing it to get to the 20,000 but to be honest I said all along it will be removed when we get close. This is sharp practice. nothing short of a scam and you should be ashamed of yourselves.


Hey! I assure you, we’re not plotting against you and removing the offer :sweat_smile:

Numerous people have redeemed the $1000 cash marathon offer, and much more lately due to troublemaker being released.
We’ve had to review the offers since they aren’t in unlimited quantity, keep in mind we are revamping the marketplace so there could be even better offers soon!

It’s amazing that you’ve got 18,000 sweatcoins - and there will always be high value offers for you to redeem :slight_smile:


Lol. Ok then…