20K target - £1000 prize


Nah i don’t mind doing that. It gonna be a historical documentary anyway


Please understand that, though we’d love to give you money and the world for your steps, the way the app works is that we partner with brands and companies who value your steps as a currency. We have a userbase of over 50 million users, so it wouldn’t be possible for us to provide PayPal offers and gift card offers from our side alone. I know many users request more PayPal offers/gift cards and so on, but this would require a partnership with them, as we have with the other brands. Sure, the PayPal rewards and gift cards do come and go, but they are limited.

While we would love to have a partnership with PayPal or the equivalent, it hasn’t been possible yet – we’re working on it though! In the meantime, we continue to work with our wonderful partners who provide us with items which can be purchased with your steps alone.


Emma 50 million users is enormous, impressive. At least we now know.

Please could you answer the question I posed on the other thread. In the UK was it £1000 or $1000 converted to £‘s at the prevailing exchange rate when the offer was there please?


I’m not too sure about that! I believe it was a £1000 for UK users and $1000 for US users, and no fees – but I’l’ double check that!


Thanks - appreciate it and will wait to hear further.


Hey – I’ve checked this for you – thanks for your patience!
The $1k and £1k offers weren’t converted into pounds, it was $1k for users seeing this offer in the States and £1k for users seeing this in the UK. No PayPal fees :slight_smile:


So any idea on when it will return months? Years?


Thanks Emma. Appreciate you coming back to me.


Thanks for pointing out the domain location. I know very little about domains and that sort of stuff but that is very suspicious now that you mention it. They do “claim” that they are based in the UK.


Which company are you referring to mate


in = India domain Kyle


Who is In India? I’m confused lol.


If it was a uk website would be Sweatco. uk but it’s Sweatco. in

Is clever but ‘in’ at the end and not ‘uk’ means the website is in India. Each country has their own 2 letters at the end which signify which country runs it.

Google ‘countries website domain letters’ or ‘which country uses .in as their domain’


Oh I see mate. I understand now


Strictly speaking, the site doesn’t have to be linked to a country of residence. You can register a domain from wherever or even use an alternative extension. For example, my username is a domain name in itself… if you type “phatt.one” into a mobile browsers address bar, it will redirect to my Sweatcoin invite link.


Fair point Phatt.One - I didn’t realise that was the case so will keep open minded.


Hi, Can you confirm why the Samsung TV offer says you will receive the cash equivalent ? Surely if its a partner offer they woudl want you to have the TV so why does it say you will receive the equivalent price in cash and who decides what the price is? Given that you cant actually get the TV under this deal is that not misadvertising and why bother with the TV just advertise the cash ?


I agree it is false advertisement. Maybe it’s the postage fees ! But I’ve noticed they change things slyly without notice. Because at first that never said that and now it does lol.


Yeah. Bit of topic I like the new iOS update it’s good. Sweatcoin widgets etc


There is no partner offer and never was!