20K target - £1000 prize


I have been a member since 2017 and I’m on 16000 coins I was aiming for the £1000 when I joined it said earn cash for walking ? Where are the cash rewards ?


Afraid it’s gone Angela. I think it was pulled before too many reached 20,000 coins.


That’s a fair point lol


Yeah. But I don’t understand they should of removed PayPal cash out when trouble maker was introduced. If not we should of had a option like stay on breaker and keep the cash options. OR. Go onto trouble maker and earn the bigger better rewards. We should have category’s for levels like 0-5K small prizes 5-10k medium size prizes. 10-15k big prizes. 15-25/30K should be mega prizes like holidays. Weekend spa trips etc. Etc.


Hi Kyle,
On my sweatcoin app it still shows the $1000 as an available prize ??


… and the B&O headphones.


Disappointing as It is we need to face facts - the bigger rewards in the UK and no doubt elsewhere were only ever there to get people interested, TM to encourage people to think ‘I can get to 20,000 quicker’ and then the £1000 reward was pulled.

Sweatcoin are very good at keeping people on a string with ‘watch out for this’ or ‘we have some really exciting things in the pipeline’ but nothing appears. What this of course does is gets people thinking ‘the cash rewards may return’ but they won’t. As I pointed out before the money is not there to pay it.

We were told there would be a big announcement this week regarding the marathon rewards - what a surprise there has been nothing!

I was told they were going to find out where the holiday films are. If they existed of course admin would know. Needless to say I’ve heard nothing more.

They can think they are fooling us but trust me they are not. It’s embarrassing they think we don’t realise the game they are playing.


Lmfao. Something don’t add up here.


This is funny how you have it and everyone else who is so close to 20K doesn’t. @Emma @Oleg @Ashton. What is this about? Us. UK users seem to be proper mugs to keep subscribing to your app when your stringing crap excuses along. Where’s the updates. Where’s the new stuff. Becoming a bore. You can’t let one country have the £1K or other cool prizes but the UK can’t. Something ain’t adding up.


Don’t know what this is all about…

So, ok prior to TM there was a 1,000 Dollar reward - but even at breaker you would have needed nearly 4 years. Who would have known if sweatcoin even exists anymore after 4 years.

Now you get a smaller reward let’s say EarPods for 400 USD. But as a very active user you can earn them in 13 month. Over the 4 year period this sums up to even more than the 1k.

Sounds fair to me. So what’s the problem…


But I agree that admin should deliver as promised and not announce all the time that updates are ahead. If more time is needed fine for me but than don’t announce otherwise…


Hi Hansi. Thing is mate. No one is complaining as such. But cash goes along way for a lot of people. Especially in the uk.


Fully understand the UK issue. I assume that there was a fixed number for every country/region as a promo reward. UK probably was more active/reached this limit faster.


I’m not entirely sure why some users may still have different marathon offers, but I assure you it’s not to “lead you on” - we’re working very hard on an awesome new feature which we should be able to bring more details about very soon.
I’m having a meeting tomorrow with the team where I will ask about all of your questions and concerns here :slight_smile:


@Ashton… But still no answers to people’s questions. Where are the holiday videos, and if lots of people have been paid the 1k,why haven’t we seen anyone jumping for joy on here, talking about it…
Finally, just to repeat others concerns on here, the 20000 prize, which once was 1k is now only a 500 quid TV…
Plus we are still waiting for this supposed exciting news from last week, announced by your fellow admin Emma. I’m holding off paying for the Trouble Maker until some answers appear here. It will still take me 2 years on the TM to reach the 25k top prize even with that, so I want to believe. I’m a little sceptical that if I pay £11.99 for 2 years, for that almost £24, I could get a £500tv!!!??


Hi @Kyle93, I’ve just received payment for the value of the tv this morning, stick at it buddy


How much you get mate.


£543.49… not bad, missed the £1k by a couple of weeks!


Tbh that’s not bad at all mate. But still could of had another £450 lol.


Nice work. Well deserved and gives us some hope.