20K target - £1000 prize


@Scampsurf how long did it take to get to the 20k mark?


Joined in Jan 2018… didn’t take much notice of what I did each day initially. Had Troublemaker for last month or so…


Seems very quick. You must have maxed out your steps 6 days a week, plus getting TM to get you over the line. It will take me 2 years on paid TM to get to the new increases target.


Yeah seems a bit too quick that. I started in June 2018… I maxed out nearly every single day. @Phatt.One Max’s our every single day regardless of trouble
Maker. Guys a machine. He hasn’t reached 20k in less then two year…? Correct me if I am wrong.


Two years and nine months


@Kyle93 in the timeframe seems perfectly possible. I started in May2017 but took a while for me to even be capable of reaching 20k steps, then to make it regularly took even longer. Probably took me until around the same time @Scampsurf started using the app.
Obviously, nowadays it’s a rare day that I don’t max out. Most rest days I still end up maxing out. Although yesterday I made the mistake of of a proper rest day with under 15k steps. I say mistake because got quite a few messages through Instagram with people asking if I was ok :man_facepalming: It’s surprising how many people assumed I had caught this virus. Clearly rest days aren’t permitted without infection. :rofl:


I’m a little suspicious of the speed to reach 20k. I reckon 3 to 4 years minimum on the old system


Prior to TM 600 a month was the absolute max from allowed plus bonuses. It used to be 1,2,4 a day for bonuses so 17 a week. This has now changed to an average of 4.60 a day. Double boost hasn’t been here that long and is prob 2.20 a day.

600 + 138 (used 4.60 as bonus per day but ignored boost) = 738 minus 30 fee = 708 a month

708 x 12 = 8496 (doing max every day)

20,000 / 8496 = 2.35 years = 2 years 4 months

Is doable even not doing max every day I think.


@DaveUK I can see how it’s done, but that means people are doing the max 7 days a week, which includes days off week for over 2 years. I do 20k on average 5 days a week, then very little on my 2 rest days. So if I went into the paid TM for 2 years, I will get around 11k a year, taking me to just over the new 25500 required. And I think that’s still going some!


I agree it is going some. Even going at 20k steps a day 5 days out of 7 isn’t exactly easy going all year round. Granted since introducing the verification of indoor steps it has certainly made things easier. I won’t lie, when it was all outdoor only, there were many days where I certainly didn’t want to leave the house and I’m sure I was definitely not alone in that one. If my memory is still working, the £/$1000 wasn’t even amongst the offers in the Winter of 2017, or it had only just hit the marketplaces.
Although I’ve now generated just shy of 25k coins so I know it’s definitely possible. Although I personally chose not save up the coins to claim any Marathon Offers, I tip my hat to any users who have managed to press on and earn the coins to claim, especially knowing first hand, how hard it was for those first couple of years. :sunglasses::+1:t4: