2x Boost not processing


Today my 2x boost has been sitting here over 3 hours still thinking. Wallet doesn’t show anything earned from the boost.

Please advise.

Kind regards,



Hi Hotmansam, I’m leaving a screenshot in which you can See How It Is Shown In Your Sweatcoin Wallet. To be honest :laughing: I don’t even use it, I mean it is 2x Boost Yes, but when is not working properly in My screenshot :laughing: it’s not so Inspiring picture.


:smiley: Thanks. I left it on the 2x screen last night hoping it would process. This morning I saw I have the option to boost for the day, but I did not get credit for yesterday.

I guess I get no help for SWC team, like many things they do their help is half ass. Not sure why I continue to use this app and refer people with this type of support.


I have this app Installed sense 25 January 2019 and I have got been scammed ( I believed too much in user named @Haroldas111 in the app however this trick happened only Once and as well I had Only One True Success Transaction exchanging SWC/GBP. Nowadays I have around 5k honestly and in times if SWC = £1 for an example, I cloud have 5k… Crazy right?


Would be nice it swc was worth anything. Last I saw they were quarter of a penny USD.

However I’ve used swc to buy a lot of junk I probably wouldn’t waste my money on


I have spend lots of SWC for pair of sunglasses made of recycled fishing nets intercepted from the Ocean, carbon walled, Mini blender and lots more which I’m still waiting and I don’t want to say that but it is been almost 2 months on hold :laughing: