30 days have now passed and still not received my win


Hi, could an admin from Sweatcoin message me as i won an auction 30 days ago and not heard or received anything.
I’ve been looking at my records and it’s possible that i have mixed up details between Sweatcoin the company and this forumn thinking they were the same thing.


Hey mate, let us know your username in the app so we can check what’s going on


Thanks. I sent you my Sweatcoin username via private message yesterday and this evening i have resubmitted the claim form (it let me do so, so maybe the first one failed because of the confusion with email addresses and user names).


Hi Khmelev, any update on whats happening with my prize claim.


Hey @Robjay, team got back to me and said that the order has been placed, but there are delays with shipping at the moment with holiday period, so expected shipping date is the 29/01. This info should have been emailed to you as well by the team. If you need any further help please contact the team directly through email, this will be more efficient than using community forum.


Thanks for that. I have just received the email from Sweatcoin confirming what you have said. Looking forward to receiving it.


What is it your getting mate.


The Sonos Soundbar hopefully


Oh right… still not regret the purchase? Personally I wouldn’t of gone for a soundbar.