300SC 20 lucky winners February 2021


Answers ???


Do the instructions or ask @Phatt.One


Populer in instagram :wink:


Hmmmmm. Interesting. Because. I use to be able to see others total steps they have done. After discovering this thread today… I can no longer see other people’s total steps… I wonder why…


I checked and phat one has 31000 something sweatcoins created


Yeah. I meant steps.


Oh and phatt one you gonna get the marathon offer? It’s available for you i reckon


Don’t forget that the figure only showed the number of steps that actually converted to Sweatcoins so didn’t account for any verified steps beyond the membership max each day. I’veonly ever really set total goals based on the total steps converted so kept thinking of a total of around 30M :rofl:.

I honestly didn’t know the total steps taken since installing Sweatcoin. When I found out this figure, I was amazed and was intrigued to find out which user had racked up so many steps. As you can probably imagine, I very nearly had kittens when I found out it was me.

Although it has taken away a personal goal setting source, the insights/resolution goal kinda covers that even if it shows info from the healthkit rather than the converted/verified figures. As long as the graphs showing verified steps and daily/weekly/monthly average figures are still available then I’m not too worried personally. I just hope these charts are made available to Android users too as these have proved to be ridiculously good motivators in my own experiences and it’s a powerful feature that only exists in Sweatcoin.


Ohhh nooooo