36% Battery Drain


App works well on HTC U11 running Android 8.0.

However, 36% drain is NOT good.

I’ve turned off battery optimization and will keep eye on battery over next few days.


Hi @steve874330,

Thanks for reaching out! Sorry if you’ve run into any issues here…

It seems that the app has been open in the foreground of your device for 20 mins or more, which may have caused this battery drain. Please understand that having any app open in this way for a long duration will lead to battery drain, as the device will be using the battery to power the screen etc…

While the app is running in the background, it will only consume a small amount of battery :slight_smile:


20 mins screen time is absolutely minimal. I need the screen on to interact with the app. The battery drain was occurring mostly when app is in the background.


Definitely not improving :thinking: