$6 for 6 invited


Why won’t these people give customer service? I’ve been trying for two months to get paid. Getting ready to uninstall and put them on blast on all social media


Can you please explain your situation


I invited 6 people (actual 8) so I tried to get my $6 bonus for getting 6 to sign up. But I’ve not gotten any money. I’ve never talked to a person. And no one has tried to help me.


To be able to get the bonus you have to invite 30 people which then you will unlock influencer perk and then you be able to redeem cash. :grinning:


It doesn’t say that. Anywhere. It says invite 6 people get $6 to PayPal account


Can you take a screenshot of where it says that


It says my picture is to big


I’ve invited 8 people. 22 to go lol.


Don’t expect money for invites. It’s a scam.


I got $6 so i’m like %90 sure its not a scam


NGL if you still have not gotten your $6 for 6 invites its most likely not coming
but hey its only six dollars and not that hard to earn


Precisely may as well call it w loss and move on. But @Oleg @Ashton I’m sure they’re reply when they can.


Hey, @Tim @XAppleJuiceX, could you please send me messages with your usernames + dates of purchases and I will follow-up with our accounts team. Many thanks, Oleg


Lol Thanks but I already got mine :joy:


Hey @Oleg and @Tim I’m experiencing the same issue. No PayPal payment received even thought I sent out 8 invites.

I’ve reached to customer support but no answer from them. Any idea??


Hi Tim,

Emma from the Sweatcoin Team here. Firstly, thank you for your feedback and apologies for any frustration.

Do make sure that you read offer details carefully prior to going ahead and purchasing or trying to redeem anything. Now, I’m not sure which PayPal rewards you see (as they’re different based on where your based), but please note that in the descriptions it mentions having to invite only people from your home market (the country you’re based in). This is a common reason some users don’t receive the rewards. However, if you did this, and are having issues redeeming the reward, please let us know at [email protected] and someone will get back to you asap!

Thanks a lot!


@Emma @Oleg I haven’t received a reply and I’m starting to wonder if you are even looking into this. Please help.
I’ve been using the App for over a year now and this is being a bad customer service experience. Just giving you some feedback



Sorry for any frustration here… Would you be able to please DM me the email used to reach out to [email protected] so we can look into this for you asap?



Thank you so much for taking care of this @Emma. Everything is being sorted out and the money is now in my account. +1 satisfied customer!! :smiley:


What you gunna spend your $6 on