$6 for 6 invited


:joy: I spent mine on a pizza :+1::+1::+1:


Decent that lol ! That’s cheap for a pizza


how long did it take for you to get yours?


I still haven’t got mine


Not a long time I didnt really try so it took me about 3 months


I meant how long until your paypal reward comes in.


sry im so smrt
it took 5 days for me


3-5 working days buddy


Hi no offense but its been 5 days since I claimed my paypal reward of 6 dollars and ive still gotten nothing, im sadly starting to believe that your amazing cool app is a scam. Please help :frowning:


It’s been 7 months. No customer service. Never talked to anyone. Followed everything they have told me to do. $6 ain’t much, but it’s now the principle
The deal I’m talking about is you invite 6 people you get 6$
I’ve emailed [email protected] 8 times. No responses ever. I’ve left my phone number, 3 emails they could reply to and answered all the questions on the feedback questionnaire.


Sweatcoin. Gains nothing out of scamming you. :joy:.


@Emma @Ashton surely you can help.


@Emma please can you help with my problem?


Hey - with redeeming cash offers there is now a 30 day period between redeeming and receiving the cash. It should be written in the offer description about a 30 day period - if it is not could you let me know? Thanks!


Ok thank you, but why is it now 30 days, I watched youtube videos and they all said around 1-7 days.


Updates happen mate :slight_smile:


ok. Its just annoying if you know what I mean.


Yeah could understand your frustration. Saying that when I sell on eBay PayPal takes long to pay anyway mate.


A similar problem has happened with me! I’ve invited 9 people but it still said 5 out of 6. I’ve complained and they said to make sure my friends whom I’ve sent it to use the link and they did but still it didn’t work.


I’m having the same problem and my date of purchase is November 12 of 2019 and I still haven’t received it and I been trying to get help on this since I been holding out on deleting the app and never using it again. Cane you help me out?