A Competitive addition


Hello citizens of sweatcoin hope you’re all doing great.

I have a suggestion/idea I’d like to share with you all today.

Sweatcoin is great I am already motivated by everything it has to offer but I have two small suggestions that I feel will add a little competitive side so let’s get into my first idea and that is…

a daily leaderboard so I think a small leaderboard that can be filtered between friends and country should be shown as then you have a goal to work towards I understand this can be difficult due to only being able to earn a maximum of 20 sweatcoins per day (as of right now). However a small leaderboard just to see how many you have compared to others would be nice.

My second idea is…

a built in social feature once you hit the the maximum amount of sweatcoins (depending on membership level) we could have a feature that automatically screenshots and posts onto a desired social media platform.

Thank you very much for reading I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback so do reply.

Have a nice day :grinning:


I’ve been thinking of this as well! I would love to see what the competition level of my country is. This would definitely boost my activity.


I like the idea, I think the app needs another way to compare your results with other people and I’m sure that would motivate a lot of people.

What about compete against people using your own coins? Like, in example, you have to bet 5 coins against someone (he has to agree or enter in the tournament somehow). Then the one who makes more steps (daily, weekly) wins all the coins (you get your coins back and take the coins of the people who compete against you).


I would like to see what ppl are averaging as well :smiley:.


This program ain’t for private business, you know? It was for a state or community support. You get to pay from your community’s living by the lump sum of your town, that was the excessive income profit of the town or community. They throw it away to their people by this kind of program. And then you owned the app. I hope you do pay us. You pay us right for this.


The iOS version of the app allows users to see a graph of a friend’s stepcounts together with a daily average stock count over the past 7 days or over the past month. I personally love this feature on iOS as for me it was a great way to set goals for myself. Above anything, I think I miss the “Leaderboard” feature (now replaced by the “Updates” page). Apparently, the updates have proven more popular. Although it is not my personal preference I have found a couple of uses for it .