A question about changing dispositives


Let’s say i wanna change my phone to newer model, is there a way to connect your Sweatcoin account to something, so you don’t lose all the coins you have won already and have to start over? @Ashton


Just use the same phone number with your new phone and you’ll be fine. If you need to change your phone number as well, then open your profile settings and make sure your email address is correct. When installing an app on new phone you’ll have an option to migrate to your old account by entering the same email address. Let me know if you need any further help.


That is incorrect, when I changed phones it didn’t let me link with email. Only phone number which was new. Now my balance is lost and no one is available to help me migrate my balance to my new number.


Please, DM me your new and old phone number, I’ll check. Most probably you has mistake in email somewhere or your second registration process was too long. Anyway, will be happy to check what went wrong. Your balance should be fine.

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