A question about charities



I’ve heard about Sweatcoin and downloaded 2 days ago. I’s a wonderful app, wonderful idea! I love it.

But i have a question if i may ask you by this channel. Are there any magazine, news page or something like that we could follow clearly the charity process and see photographs, interviews, activity reports, etc. of workings that your partners and you do? I’m an ordinary runner already and I don’t hope being rich by running :slight_smile: So, if i could see and follow what’s happening with charities funded by my and the other thousands of runners sweatcoins, if i see where did my contributes go, i’ll definitely be one the happiest men on the world. :smiley: Marketplace offers don’t matter, i just thought “If i have a habit already, why i don’t help someone miles away just keep doing it?”

I searched shortly but couldn’t find anything. Your Facebook page is also hasn’t any news about charities.

Waiting your answer hopefully. Thank you. And olease excuse my English:)


I’ve donated to several SweatCoin charities and what I have found is that they provide a checkbox after donating where you can opt-in to the charity for news updates :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes i did a 1 SW of donation to confirm that. There is a check box to get news from the charity society but for now i’m not sure there’ll be information like i hope or not. :slight_smile: Thank you for your help.