Accounts won’t merge


I have a new phone and new phone number. I entered in the new phone number when I installed sweatcoins. The app did not ask me for my email address. I tried changing it in the profile section to the email matching my odd account; however the app stated over and over this email is already taken.

How can I merge my accounts then? AND my new phone number is linked to an account belonging to someone by the name of Jack?




Same thing happened to me i emailed 3 times last week no response


Hey! Can you DM me your two phone numbers (old and new) and the email linked to your account.
cc @Cesar


[email protected] and my steps are not converting


This must be a recurring issue because it has happened to me, as well. I’ve lost a lot of steps because I’ve not had the free time to interface with the app/creators to solve the problem! Finally, i had time today to create a new account, etc. Sweatcoin previously had an email validation process to confirm the account–even if your number changed. Dunno what happened to the good ol’ days…


Same problem.i have new phone and new phone numbers and i can’t get my old account.what can I do ? Can u help me please


Can you DM me your two phone numbers (old and new) and the email linked to your account.


I’m having the same problem but it’s not letting me message you @Ashton


Hey! Sorry for the delay. If you email us at [email protected], we can help out quicker. We have limited access to your account through the forum :slight_smile:


I tried to email support and the response I got was “it seems like you want to delete your account” and I haven’t gotten another response after replying with another explanation that I just want to retrieve my old account :frowning:


Hi I have the same problem and have emailed and haven’t been responded too


i am having the same issue. initial setup puts in an email for me.