Accounts won’t merge


I have a new phone and new phone number. I entered in the new phone number when I installed sweatcoins. The app did not ask me for my email address. I tried changing it in the profile section to the email matching my odd account; however the app stated over and over this email is already taken.

How can I merge my accounts then? AND my new phone number is linked to an account belonging to someone by the name of Jack?




Same thing happened to me i emailed 3 times last week no response


Hey! Can you DM me your two phone numbers (old and new) and the email linked to your account.
cc @Cesar


[email protected] and my steps are not converting


This must be a recurring issue because it has happened to me, as well. I’ve lost a lot of steps because I’ve not had the free time to interface with the app/creators to solve the problem! Finally, i had time today to create a new account, etc. Sweatcoin previously had an email validation process to confirm the account–even if your number changed. Dunno what happened to the good ol’ days…