There can be badges/achievements we unlock based on different activities. For example one could be called “Early Bird” it could be achieved by getting a certain amount of steps before 6 Am 1,000?
Another one could be at night, there could be some for distances, there could be some for walking/running non-stop for a certain amount of time.


We could also have badges somewhere on our profile that level up based on our total amount of steps.


Night Owl for the night one lol


I like that idea. As much as I enjoy these forums now, it seems most of the badges are associated with activity online as opposed to badges involving physical activity (aside from the 20k, 50k, and 100k step badges).


And it would be nice to have those you mentioned show in the app.


It would be cool if the activity related badges were visible on the app. Something silly that Nike Run Club does is after certain distance milestones the background color of the app (while you’re tracking a run), changes to different colors. It seems silly, but the little records and badges earned within the NRC app are fun and motivational. For me at least :slight_smile: