Activity’s that can help you increase your daily steps



In this post today I be discussing ways to get the step counter up and earn more sweatcoin

Some of these activity’s will be obvious but some won’t be and some activity’s will be running related so let’s get started


The most obvious one of them all and that is to walk. So how do we increase the steps we do on our walks ?

Take a longer route to your destination

Switch between different streets whilst on your walks

Both of these can help you increase the step count and earn you a little extra sweatcoin :smiley:


another obvious one but sport specifically outdoor sports and the best example I have for this is football :soccer:. It requires lots of running and for a long time. And is a great way to increase your steps of course there are other great sports such as basketball, tennis, cross country, track sports and more.


Running some people love it some people hate it but it’s the fastest way to earn sweatcoin!

There are two options you have whilst running you can go for an endurance run which is running (not very fast) for a long time or HIIT (high intensity interval training). This is my favourite type of run nothing beats HIIT

HIIT training means high intensity and for example that means hard fast running. But wait how does one sprint for a long time? They don’t. Remember the word “interval” well in HIIT you will do a fast hard sprint for a short amount of time and a jog for a short amount of time. I’ll will show you an example

So here we are on a long straight path. Get a stopwatch or timer start by jogging for 1 min then after 1 minute sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds then jog again for 1 min and repeat.

You can always change the durations of each for example if your not very active you may find it easy to do a 1 min jog and 10 second sprint but for the more active person I find 1 min to 30 seconds good or if your feeling very active. Up the clocks more.

So why’s HITT the best?

Well your earning sweatcoin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Study’s and research have shown and proven that HIIT Is by far the best running activity to burn fat!

So not only are you earning but HIIT is the best fat burning activity you can do :grinning:.


Just because your indoors doesn’t mean you can’t earn granted it’s not as good as outdoor activity but hey sweatcoin is sweatcoin and calories burned is calories burned.

so what can you do indoors?

Stair climbing- very good on your calf muscles stair climbing is another great calorie burning activity which can also earn sweatcoin.

Skipping- granted you will earn very very little sweatcoin skipping is another great calorie burning activity.

General household activity’s- you can still earn a little whilst cleaning up the house and doing other household activity’s.

And that’s all from me however if your a runner be sure to stick around I have some running exercises for you :smiley:

As I said above this is my favourite and best for fat burning calories burned etc

I’m unsure of the real name however in school this was a mandatory test to get into sporting events. The 12 min run is a test. The objective is is to run the furthest distance possible in 12 mins basically you will be running fast as you can for 12 mins straight we had an athletics 400m track to measure this but I’m sure you can measure it another way.


Unsure of the real term for this but a quick google search of “bleep test” should do the trick.
The test itself is designed to measure cardiovascular endurance and to do this

You need 2 cones around 20 metres apart you start by running back and forth slowly as time goes by you start to run a little faster and more faster and sprinting. You can find more information on google and even the actual test on YouTube so feel free to check it out :grinning:

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you all either

Increase sweatcoins earned
Burns more calories
Helps you lose weight

**HAVE A GREAT REST OF THE DAY :grinning: **