Advent Calendar


I am using Sweatcoin (Version 19.0) and also received a mail yesterday that i should check out the “final Advent Calendar”. But i don´t see this calendar in the app. So how can i access it? And are there any release notes of a new version? Because i read so many things about new “features” but don´t know if they are always available for me :-)… There are really good idea´s, but not for all or not for every version of the app (Android, IPhone).

Thanks and have a nice first christmas holiday!



There is a new update for the app make sure you download it


I have installed the latest update from 20/12/2019. It shows me version 19.0. Don´t know if this is the last one, but there is no other available.


It came out yesterday


Ok may be i have to wait. Until now it´s not available via the Google Play Store. Are there any release notes (in the forum or anywhere else)? Thanks for your help.


I got a email.


Thanks i will wait for the update. I got that mail yesterday:


I don’t have the Advent Calendar as well! I have iOS13 and the app is updated to the latest version.


Check if you got an email