After changing HP, my steps drop by around 40 %


When using my old phone, my SWC can register almost the same number of total steps as my Samsung Health. After changing to my new HP (Samsung A30S), now my total daily steps as registered by SWC is around 40% lower then that of my Shealth. Usually I need around 15km of outdoor walking to achieve 20 converted SWC, now i cannot even hit 20 SWC with 20km of walking base on the same route. If my Shealth can register my steps correctly as with my previous HP base on the same outdoor route, why is SWC losing around 40% of my total steps using the same HP ? (Here we are not even talking about conversion of steps into SWC yet). I am a user of SWC for around 10 months now with around 6k SWC collected so far.


I’m having the same problem at the moment :tired_face:


Have you done anything different when using Sweatcoin on your new phone compared to your old one like using a phone case, or battery saver on in the app or phone settings? Have you tried checking the help section in the app for phone specific settings that you can change? Did you enable use of Google Fit data in the app? The Android app usually asks you if you want to allow use of Google Fit as soon as you open the app.