AMA with Alex, one of our back-end developers!


Are things like Java, core application logic and blockchain your jam? Then jump in with some questions for our backend developer, Alex! He’s kind of our own Mr. Robot, minus the whole leader of an underground hacker group thing. Nor does he have an insurrectionary anarchist alter ego… What he is, however, is an ace developer who knows the backend of Sweatcoin like (yes, pun incoming) the back of his hand :wink: .

We’ll be kicking off the chat at 16.30, Thursday 27th June; we’ll see you there (here) :sunny:

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Hey Alex :smiley: I have a question… Which programming languages do you use, and why?


Hey Rob! Depends on the situation. Different languages are designed for different use cases. Usually I use Ruby because of how easy it is :slight_smile:


Hey Alex!
What are the next big things that you’re working on??


Why is the blockchain taking so long to develop and are you at liberty to give us some sort of time frame?


Hey, Teebs! I spend most of my time scaling Sweatcoin (making sure it can grow without problems). So usually, my next big thing is just working on making Sweatcoin bigger. I know it might sound boring, but for me, it’s really fun solving infrastructure problems and predicting disasters before they happen. I don’t always predict every problem successfully, but when I do, it’s a cool feeling.


Cool! Keep up the great work :grin:


That is a very good question. Basically, there are two problems: 1) Sweatcoin is a high frequency transaction system, but blockchain is usually slow. Solutions for high frequency blockchain confirmations only started to become popular at the beginning of this year. We’re still working to integrate blockchain with our product 2) People sometimes think that Sweatcoin is a scam. I feel very bad when they do, because I’m not a scam! However, many cryptocurrencies, tokens, ICOs and things like that have proven to be a scam. With this in mind, we will strive to make excellent PR efforts and put lots of thought and consideration into our releases to make sure our blockchain solution will be perceived as real currency, and not like another fake hype product.
Of these two problems, I don’t even know which is harder to tackle, but we’re working on both! Sadly, I can’t give any ETA at this time!


hey nice work hope it gets bigger like bitcoin and etc …
but can u make the value of the coins bigger like bitcoins and a bank card !!
keep the hard work and creativity
thannkssss !!!


Thanks for the detailed response, keep up the great work :smiley:


Just another thing i wanted to bring up while I’m here; someone asked members of my team why we don’t chat much with users on Discord, and I’d like to answer this on behalf of my team: I’m afraid that, as a developer, I have tons of things to do-plus I’m a little sensitive when it comes to products i make and put a lot of love into! So i guess i kind of avoid any negative feedback! Also, I’m not always sure which info is public and which is not. If you have any questions for me later, you can reach me in anytime on twitter — @alxgsv. Please be nice :blush: because I work to make you happier every day, but even when I fail to do so, I do my best and think about you :smiley:


Hey, ImTheChosenOne99!
Our mission is not about becoming bigger than bitcoin, but making people move more. When we move more, we live longer, have more interesting ideas, and become more positive. It’s good for us, but it’s also good for humanity, economics and many other aspect of life. But we are not altruists entirely (though we almost are) because make we Sweatcoins from it too (we take commission from each coin).

Imagine making humanity happier by making it healthier! Wow, what’s bitcoin compared to that? :wink:

Thank you for your kind words, we’ll do our best!


Are you working on some improvements on Sweatcoin for Apple Watch? It’s rather difficult right now because in order to earn coins you have to launch the app on Apple Watch and start a workout which then disables the ability to start a separate running or walking workout on the traditional Apple workout app. The Sweatcoin app is too basic for those who like more data for their workouts. My recommendation would be to allow background step data collection on the Apple Watch if possible


Personally, I’m an Android user and backend developer, so it’s not really my field of expertise. However, I do know that there are many limitations with the Apple Watch apps; basically, there are strict rules to what the app can and can’t do. To make Sweatcoin with Apple watches we had to make big changes to our backend architecture! Even so, there are still lots of improvements we’d like to make to the Sweatcoin experience on Apple watches.

Luckily, a new version of the watchOS is coming this autumn and i know this will make watch apps more autonomous! Also, I know that we are making progress in this area, but I can’t promise anything just yet (we need to wait for the watch OS release), but the team and I are pondering over the same questions in our heads and we want to improve how Sweatcoin works on the Apple watch.


Hi Alex!
Can I ask why does it feel like android is soooooo far behind :sob: I’m on android and I barely have anything compared to my friend with an iPhone. It’s really annoying because there are some cool features I want to take part in, like donating to charity or that cashing out tab. Android needs some love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi! I know that feeling (Android user myself). Unfortunately it takes a ton of resources to experiment on two platforms. So I believe this is the reason.

But! Our recent addition to the team, UI designer, is also Android user, so I’m sure that Android will get some love soon. Very excited about it myself!