AMA with Matt, our Creative Head of Video


:speaking_head::speaking_head: :speaking_head: Our Creative Head of Video, Matt Corry, will be answering your questions in a live AMA exclusively on the Sweatcoin community forum. What does a typical day in the office look like? Who would Matt pick to star as himself in the Sweatcoin movie? What’s the link between seasonal fruit erotica and converting steps into digital currency? What ever became of that pear? For answers, head here at 17.00PM, May 31st. Come and have a chat with him - Oh, and hide your pears.:pear: :pear: :pear:


Will watching ads be viable in the future? Or will it limit the value of sweatcoin


Why are official SWC staff so inactive on the discord server when it’s clearly the most active sweatcoin community so far?
if anything you should be focused on that imo. Way easier to reply than emails (which take more than 3 weeks to get answered apparently) to questions and more people will see it therefore not ask their question in the first place.


When is the cash out update due to release to everybody?


Why is support so slow and hasn’t replied to my emails in 20 days now?


When will the Cashout functionality release in Cyprus specifically (if there’s no specific answer) then when is it planned to be released to Europe (rest of app’s users)


Will the cashout function make traded coins eligible to be cashed out?


How does Sweatcoin plan to expand on this cash out feature?


Will transfer coins be able to be used on cashout?


Hi, Mr Musk. Big fan ;P. Dig the whole space-car thing.

In short, yes. There are a huge amount of directions that Sweatcoin can go down, but since sweatcoins are fundamentally a low-individual-value currency, similar enough to Yen (in that one pound equals tens or even hundreds of Yen) the value of watching adverts in the app typically raises the value, rather than decreases it. Until sweatcoin starts trading at about 10 cents on the dollar (we’re a ways away from that ;P), it’s totally viable.


Hi Andrew,

So, I’m probably just as big a culprit of this as anyone else on the team. Typically, because we have very busy workdays, we don’t really have the community discord in the forefront of our minds, but that doesn’t mean we’re not trying :). A lot of the messages that go to people like me are simply out of my remit within the company - like, I’m the video guy, so I wouldn’t know where to start in addressing half of the support concerns - but we’ve recently hired one of the warriors themselves to help out with things there! Things will get better, promise!


What inspires you every morning when you gaze into the mirror?


Can’t give an exact date, but can maybe explain a bit to do with the thinking behind why it’s a gradual release. Soon, for sure.

Basically, cash-out is the first time we’ll really be able to directly, truly “pay people to walk”, which has always been our big aspiration. We’ve always done it, with sweatcoins, but now it translates to money… which comes with a lot of risk, at least for us. If we launch it at the wrong exchange rate, and everyone cashes out everything immediately, or not at all, we could totally destroy the worth of sweatcoin - and thus prevent people from gaining the best value on their earned coins. If we don’t get that balance right, we won’t be able to maintain the expenditure, and that’s not good for anyone. As such, we’ll be launching in gradually larger and larger groups until it’s available at a good price for everyone :slight_smile:


Hi Matt,

As Sweatcoin’s creative head of video, what does a typical work day look like for you?


Eventually, that’s the goal, for sure. Seeing as we’ve converted over 4 trillion steps thus far, it’s really hard to figure out exactly how much individual people have, so we - again - need to make sure we introduce these things to the still-young market slowly. We’ll be perfecting the more predictable side of the market first, so the earned sweatcoins only, but long term we want every sweatcoin to have the same real-world value, and you will probably see this in cash-out first. It’s still a new feature, please be patient :).


In the response to my cash out question you said “Soon, for sure.”
Any idea on how soon is “soon”? A couple days? A couple weeks? A couple months? And is there any way that it’s determining who the update is pushed out to, or is it going out to random people without any sort of system?


In Your own opinion or perspective will the incoming update affect the rate or prices of sweatcoins in trading market?


Yay, a non-support question ;P. Love ya.

So, it’s a bit cliche to say but there’s no typical day for me. I work primarily in making our adverts but, since we advertise on so many platforms - facebook, insta, snapchat, tiktok, google - this means a huge variety in my work and a really short production cycle. Typically it takes 1-2 days to make an advert, maybe longer if it’s a complicated animation, but generally I go to work with no clue about what i’ll be doing.

In terms of what I actually make, it changes a LOT. We try to be at the front of new trends in adverts and stuff - like we’re one of the first 7 companies to advertise on tiktok in the US - so there’s a lot of discussion about what ads will work, what represents us well as a company, branding, and a lot of us debating whether to put performance and downloads over fun, quality or on-brand-ness. It used to be that performance won - but no longer, and that’s the way it will stay. :slight_smile:

Ocassionally I get to do fun things like the brexit bar video too, which makes me deeply happy. I love my job.


Unfortunately I’m not on the dev team, so I legitimately have no clue and, seeing as we’re in development and have only just launched it at all, they probably haven’t discussed the logistics of it any further than wanting to do it. I totally get that it’s frustrating for you guys (I’m a big proponent of us actually doing some patch notes at some point and more general product updates), so I could hazard a guess at within the next six months, but even that guess is purely based on how fast we developed it in the first place.

IF we get the balance right and IF the feature works properly and IF it’s sustainable - these are the things we need for it to work properly - it will go live, and our timeline for that is definitely weeks and months, not years. Early numbers are good, so I’d start holding your coins. :slight_smile:


Are there plans to make the app track Sweatcoins while at the gym? on treadmill for example?