AMA with Matt, our Creative Head of Video


I just make videos ;’)

No idea my chum, no idea.


We’d LOVE to, but it presents a lot of problems with the algorithm because of cheating. If we let it count steps while people aren’t moving, it immediately opens the door to cheaters and phone-shakers and stuff, which would SUCK. If we open that door, and we have people able to cheat - even a little - it devalues sweatcoins as a currency, and would in-turn devalue the exchange rate of cash out, and anything else we have planned to more directly convert your coins into real-world items.

We throw around ideas on it, so we’re definitely thinking about it, we’re just still looking for the right technological solution :slight_smile:


last question why you? why not anyone from the dev team come down and answer? why the most out of topic person is what they sent. not offending but people are going to ask questions that the dev team could only answer right?


Brexit Bar video - absolutely loved it.
What went into the production of it? Filming time, how you came up with the lines, etc.? What inspired you guys to make the video?

That video was my favorite thing that I had ever seen on Sweatcoin :laughing:




Probably because I’m better at roasting people than they are :stuck_out_tongue:

Given that you had our co-CEO last time, who is probably the most on-topic person around, we thought y’all might be varied enough people to ask about things that weren’t cash out ;P.

Oof. Hate to ‘Drop’ that truth bomb on ya,

For realsies, though, this is the first of many AMAs, so all of this stuff will come with time. Don’t worry, my dude, it’s coming :slight_smile:


random idea, verify his location via google if he is close to an actual GoogleMyBussiness listing of a Gym, if he is within 10meters of the red dot then the functionality works maybe (shaking your phone for 20mins even could be considered some sort of physical activity haha) :smiley:


Hey! Please DM me and I’ll help out :slight_smile:


Can you help me with an account issue i’m having ?


peace my man
do invade asia too :smile:


Aww, thanks! I’m glad I got at least one video question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, production starts with an idea, followed by a script - which I am usually solely responsible for. When I was brought on, it was with the idea of making loads of marketplace videos like this, but they didn’t end up lending a huge amount of value so now we only do the ones that are fun to make :).

With this, the ad kind of wrote itself. The brexit bar guys took a fantastic marketing idea, but we all felt that there was loads of room to play with the whole ‘bite out of brexit’ tagline, and we just went a bit nuts with it. We have a lot of EU resident people int he company, so it’s something we obviously feel pretty strongly about, but before I joined sweatcoin I was freelancing for ITV and went up north to go help film a brexit documentary, and went to the highest leave-voting brexit ward in the country. Completely contrary to what I expected, the people were super reasonable and really self-aware and I, as a posh boy from the south, was met with nothing but really engaged discussion. Really really positive experience, and led me to put a lot more value on the whole ‘both sides have a point’ thing, which we applied here :slight_smile:



Maybe ashton can. Be nice to him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i have issues with the refund… Can you guys help me?


I Have an account issue and sweatcoin customer service is beyond bad. Can someone please help!!!


Hey can you help me?


Anyone with support requests… please DM me through the forum. Click my name and click “message”, the fill in the info as a normal message :slight_smile:


What programs do you use for your ad thingies :smiley:
What’s your favorite one


I have Direct messaged you.


Ooh, all of em. Primarily aftereffects, especially for the animations, but also premiere and, when I can, Davinci resolve. After effects gets a 10/10 for me, premiere gets a 2 and deserves to burn in hell until they fix its compatibility issues, optimisation and effect integrations, as well as it’s pathetic excuse for a colour grading program and… breathes… I love DaVinci Resolve, but its keyframing isn’t perfect so isn’t super suitable for the work here. DaVinci is free, too, so if you’re looking for a decent baseline editing program, that’s your baby :slight_smile:


ashton i clicked ur name but i cant find the message option?..