AMA with Matt, our Creative Head of Video


or we can pirate aftereffects! :pirate_flag:
(totally haven’t had the trial version of all adobe products for past 3 years now)
totally not :rofl:



If you were asking about my favourite ad (i reread the question), then it’s probably either our lemon advert OR a video I made the other day with my cat to fit into tiktok. It’s very silly.


HAhahahahaha, yeah I’d be lying if I said my home copy was entirely legal ;p Still, you WILL NOT find a better colour grading program than resolve. You can do some amazing stuff with it, when I make short films and stuff that’s what I use :).


about your fav program but i was gonna ask this too so thanks for reading my mind


that’s the best video i’ve ever seen lmao
i can only imagine the amount of engagement it got xD



it’s doing pretty well ;P. Usually i think that Tiktok is the modern manifestation of Satan but i had fun making that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Care to share your TikTok username ;)) Gotta get you TikTok famous


I… actually have no idea. We use the official sweatcoin one, but someone else manages it. I should really find out :stuck_out_tongue:


messaged u ashton :slight_smile:


AIGHT i gotta get back to work (or pretending to), so i’mma call it there, but i hope you had fun - i did! :slight_smile: