AMA with Oleg Fomenko, Sweatcoin co-founder and CEO


If you love this one and many people love it too then how would we not do it? :wink:
We love doing things that you love and that make you more active!


Do you plan on adding a type of friends list or a clan system in app the following option isn’t brilliant and I love seeing how much people are earning but I’d love to see a group system where you can compare how much you’ve earned compared to another user


We are working on this and I hope that you will see the first result of this work very soon. Watch the app and our social media channels attentively.


I love it … let me talk to the team and see what we can do!


And it would be an honour when you do - your 119,000 steps days are legendary!!!


Why was the “transfer-lock” change made to the Marathon Offers and will it ever be removed?


Lol… Nice response :sunglasses::+1:t4: Cheers, It is a pleasure to support


Hey Oleg phatt needs to buy trainers and socks regularly get him a cheeky discount :wink:


Any plans on bringing back the leader board of daily steps vs friends? Curious why it was removed as it was very motivating. Found it much more valuable than the “updates” screen.


Would be cool to be able to complete with friends


Good feedback. You would be pleased if you learned of some of the ideas we are working on here. Keep ideas coming even outside of this AMA and I guarantee that they will be reviewed and considered.

Competition as well as collaboration is something that we are very keen to foster among our users and as soon as we find something truly magical in a way of experience we will get it onto your device to test!


Would really like merch


When will ‘Trouble Maker’ be implemented into the app?


Good question - we saw a spike in fraud attempts linked to this functionality and instead of playing whack-the-mole game we decided that we should change this part of experience. If people see that fraudsters can benefit then they might hurt your belief that sweatcoin has value. And we can not allow for this.


“Top Influencer Gear” would be a great test for promotional merch :slight_smile:


Thankyou @simonplym I have been avoiding asking this one for some time. :rofl:


How is it possible that a blockchain can be created by subsituting mining with steps?


SMART PLAY!! Long term thinking is where the real value is.


Good feedback. This happened because more people engaged and liked the update feed than the leaderboard, however perhaps they should not be mutually exclusive. We are working on some ideas that you would find engaging for sure.


Sounds like you would love this feature.
In short - yes.