AMA with Oleg Fomenko, Sweatcoin co-founder and CEO


Nice one! Leave it with us!


Aha, I was waiting for this one. It is reserved for a very good reason and for a very important feature that I can not yet go into here. The timeline is not to be revealed yet, but you will for sure know about it. We will not slip it in unnoticed.


Also to be able to communicate with followers would be awesome


Love it! Good idea! Sounds like you an influencer yourself, no?


How much do you believe the value of one sweatcoin could be worth once its on blockchain?


Good question. One and the other are not mutually exclusive, but it is for sure pretty hard thing to do.


As the apps growing amazingly in popularity would there soon be a way to get influencer without invites


You have a way to communicate with anyone already - just open their profile, send them a sweat cent and add a message. Huge number of people already do that. Yes, sure, it is not as good of a messenger as Telegram or WhatsApp, but then we did not set out to be the best messenger app … yet :slight_smile:


I’ve shared the app a time or two. :grinning:


Are there any plans to offer more incentives to receive Sweatcoin bonuses? Maybe completing a set number of steps in a day etc?


This is a difficult one especially for a completely new asset class that did not exist before at all - currency backed by the value of your movement. There are no benchmarks, comparators or “experts” who can answer this question. If my crystal ball is not lying the value of movement is going to go up and up and up and with that sweatcoin shall rise!


We would need to redefine the title then :slight_smile:


And I am really thankful for that!


You do throw in great ideas - leave this one with us and check out the app regularly. You might be surprised to find something new pretty soon!


Excellent! I look forward to seeing it!! :+1:


OK everyone, thanks for all the questions! It’s time to wrap it up now. Big thanks to Oleg for all those insights! We’ll be publishing a blog piece next week where we will elaborate on all your questions. Thanks, and happy Sweatcoining! :footprints:


Was nice chatting - thank you Swearcoin team


Thanks for your time Oleg :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Thank you Oleg for today very glad you have got involved with you’re community to all the hard working devs keep up you’re work sweatcoin will soon dominate the world!!!


I understand that but there must be a better way of dealing with scammers. That change completely destroyed Sweatcoins value. Thats like burning the house down to stop robbers breaking in.