AMA with Oleg Fomenko, Sweatcoin co-founder and CEO


Yo! How can I convert my sweatcoin to cash??


Yo! Have you owned the app already? Well then I need to convert my sweatcoins into cash? How? It was our program you know? Til you interfered. We need to catch by our living


What the hell is influencer more than walking? Sign up with Facebook already if your into mass publicity. I hope you got the money if you claim to own the program. You pay for the member. Like it pays to walk. That’s a thousand steps for $1. Or $600 at max if you can do, cash.


1,000 steps is converted into 1 sweatcoin minus 5% commission. It would be great when 1 sweatcoin = 1 USD, but at the moment it is not freely tradable yet. If all goes well, however, the value will be climbing up and up as value of your movement is not going to decline any time soon!


It never be tradable if you claim the apps a private company property. The money should be from the good living community’s excessive income, if you claim the program to be private property then you pay for it


Please tell me the How , what, where and why regarding Sweatcoin


When you had the idea, what was your first move to make this app become a reality?