Analyzer Stuck - Not Converting


I have almost 10,000 steps waiting to be analyzed. When I click “Analyse Now” the app hangs.


Same here but about 4500 steps, are you running the new version? I’m on version 16.1


Same but not the 10,000 part but it just kept goin I’ve waited more that 5 hours waiting to be converted


Mine sorted itself out now :+1:


I had the same problem but mine have suddenly just converted. I am using an iPhone8 latest s/w but since last sweatcoin update when you can supposedly convert indoor steps as well my conversion rate is awful, its gone from almost 95% on outdoor steps, which was great, to just over 50% on all steps. The new algorythm is rubbish.


I experienced the same issue this morning. However, later in the morning i randomly took a look and watched the steps send and conversion added the coins to the wallet.

I must admit I have had more consistent conversion with the outdoor only algorithm. However, the revised does convert a majority of my indoor steps now too. There have been good and bad days but in general the results haven’t been too bad, in my experience anyway.


Same here…

Happens regularly,but still no apologies or coins being given to compensate from Customer Services


I did the app update 8 days ago which is supposed to now give all steps, and it has been awfull ever since, for 21,000 steps a day (most outdoors) I am now getting 11 sweatcoins. I used to get the full 20 for exactly the same routes. Walking to and from work. Get no help from their support emails whatsoever except that they are aware 20% of users are suffering. My guess is its all users.


Mine is already 3 days not converting steps in coins…


Seems to have sorted itself out. Gave me about 2 SC. I probably lost 6-7 SC.