Android 10 testers needed


Hey dear Sweatcoiners,
We are in the middle of testing fixes for some Heisenbugs occurring on Android 10.
If you are a lucky owner of a device with the latest Android OS on it please ping me with your gmail address and we will add you to our beta group to be able to install the latest version and let us know if it works for you. Some sweatcoins from my personal account and a huge thanks to all those volunteers! Oleg

Sweatcoin completly stopped tracking steps

@cw18 @Russell @Acidburn


Cheers thanks for the heads up :grin::+1:


Thanks for the tag, but unfortunately only on Android 8.1.0


Ping @Russell @Acidburn are you on Android 10?


Thank you @cw18 for letting me know on your OS situation


Thought i was but its android 9 :confused:
Thought the samsung s10 would be android 10


Android 10 on Oneplus 6
[email protected]


Brilliant - the team is working on new test build and as soon as it is ready we will ping you @mafibraheem


[email protected]


Need any more users Oleg I believe @Ting has android Not sure which device though


Yes, we need more users for sure. For the moment we have only one confirmed for sure:
[email protected]

@Meganshum, @Russell and @Ting - could you please confirm if you are on Android 10?


Been asking around on other social media’s but unfortunately I can’t find anyone with android 10 atm I’ll keep an eye out


Ah @Oleg I’ve found one @imabeerye has android 10 :smiley:


@oleg I would love to join the beta. Just updated my S10+ to android 10. My email address is [email protected]

Please let me know if there is anything from my end that I need to do if accepted. Thank you!


Hi Oleg
I am on android version 8.



@iBuddzTV also has android 10


Im downloading android 10 now so i can help :smile:


Heres me email [email protected]


Thank you @Travonguy! We will be in touch!