Android 10 testers needed


today is the third day I’ve set up beta and became a tester. I didn’t go out very much, but the Sunday holiday lull fell on me, but I saw sweetcoin 's early step performance, not bad. Of course, it counts more efficient steps outside and returns to the sweetcoin token. But still inside, it worked more stable than before. Google Fit didn’t exist before, I didn’t install it in android10 version, but I started it when I said it would be sweetcoin beta android10 tester. I gave all permissions to both the beta and the new sweetcoin program, I think it has an effect on them.

I guess I can always stay in beta tester: P @Oleg


I would love the beta tester. I sent my email hopefully they will email me.


@Oleg hey ! I’m a Xiaomi user with Android 10 here is my email : [email protected] I would love to join the beta


My email is [email protected]. I still haven’t been able to use Sweatcoin. Nothing has changed for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still can’t get past entering my name. I have clicked on the link people have posted, but there is nothing in the post that help me. I’m at a complete loss.


Just wanted to drop some screens of my last few days. As you can see im somehow generating more coins than I’m walking steps. I dont know how but I’m waking up everyday with 800 to 1700 generated steps towards coin BEFORE i start walking.

Other than that, over 100% isnt bad lol.

Please dont take my extra coins :joy:


[email protected]

the 20 december update fix a few(Ver 19.0)

Counting steps but not converting anything

Pixel 3a Android 10 - jola436961


Hello hello - all the fixes are now tested and rolled out to Play Store. If you have any issues with Sweatcoin app on Android 10 either with registration or steps not being counted just make sure that you update the app to the latest version and give it permission to see Google Fit. Voila!!!
Very Merry Christmas to you all and massive thanks to all those who tested the app and reported their findings.
Lastly - there is one bug still going - some steps from the previous day will be converted in the morning of day after making it appear as if your conversion is better than 100% … the conversion is correct, but number or steps displayed is lower than it should have been :slight_smile:


I reinstalled gave it permission and still not counting steps. I know its Christmas so hopefully when you get back you could look at my account. Thank you.


Thank you @Greg … so, the issue is that the main screen of our app is not counting steps when you move? Could you try to reinstall from scratch? And you are for sure on Android 10?


@Oleg [email protected] running Android 10. Had something I thought was working but even after deleting and re installing Sweatcoin it wasn’t working, then worked for a day, and now not working again.


Hello sorry for being late, my gmail’s [email protected]


Latest version is now working again on my phone on Android 10 albeit with new issues but has completely stopped working on my partner’s phone running Android 8 (Samsung S7)


@Oleg i got a samsung a70 with android 10. Can i take part in this?


Im having android 9 with my Samsung Galaxy A70. May I help??


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[email protected]


Will Samsung Galaxy s8 phone work? If so please let me know and my email is [email protected]