Android 10 testers needed


Hey @Acidburn please ping me with your gmail please as we will need to add you to the beta testers list. Many thanks!


Hey @iBuddzTV please ping me with your gmail. Many thanks!


Ive pm’d you my email :grin:


Thank you, @BATMAN321for your help in getting more testers.


No problem @Oleg happy to help :smiley: hope all the testing goes smoothly :smiley:


Hi Oleg,
I’m on a Pixel 2 running Android 10.
Happy to help: [email protected]


Hey @Somoya @Acidburn @Travonguy @imabeerye @Ting @Meganshum @mafibraheem - please check your inboxes for an email from Fabric suggesting to install beta version that should fix the Android 10 bug. Please let me know how it works for you!!!


Hi @Oleg,
should we expect the email to arrive anytime soon?
Because I haven’t received anything yet - spam folder checked also.


All installed now ill let you know how it goes tomorrow,i do alot of walking in the week and in work.had a problem with android 10 so had to wait till i was home and manually update it :frowning:


Thank you. Awaiting your update.


Let me check what is happening. Oleg


Please check your email now.


Hi @Oleg

Android 10 here

But the app no longer works so hoping a beta would get me earning again

[email protected]


[email protected]


Day 1: samsung s10 school run
2673 steps 1.20 coins,dont see the calendar or the new bonus but i didnt even know about the calendar till i read whats new as it didnt show on 17.3 anyway
Walk to work: 8776 total only 1.39 coins :frowning: so only .19 coins for over 6k steps
Indoor steps are not working very well either,this is my steps so far today


I got android 10 on my oneplus 6t so if you still need any testers i’ll help.

[email protected]


Thanks Oleg, I got the invite and installed the app.
Is there any bug tracker system we can use to log defects or is it fine to just update you guys in here?
Do you just care about functionality or can we also report UI/UX bugs?


Ping @Oleg

erase my mail adress :)))

Samsung S10 G973F dual
Android 10 ( [One UI 2.0 Android 10 )


Hey, could you please send me your Sweatcoin username to enable indoor steps? Thank you!


after beta , before beta