Android 10 testers needed


Hey @Joeytollgate - could you please ping me with your sweatcoin username to be able to turn on indoor step verification for you?


New version supporting Android 10 as well as having an internal steps algo is rolled out to all volunteers with exception of @Acidburn @Joeytollgate @Shaaybegum . When I receive their usernames on Sweatcoin we will be able to add them to the list.


@Oleg My username is @lee829218


@Oleg My username is @angelzombar


Much obliged. Incoming.


Thank you @Oleg
download Beta

My user name is : GoGoBaBa



after instaling BETA version, everything is fine, no problem. yet

Samsung S10 Sm-g973F dual
:footprints:: walking_man:


@Oleg do i need to do anything on my end ?



Todays steps are much better so far. I only have 500 steps so far but rate was over 90% so much better.

My only issue now is that there seems to be a visual bug where everything is doubled in size and i cant see the whole screen. Here are some pics.



username is gregory591818


Samsung S10 Sm-G973F dual sim
Android 10 Final ( Version First december release
TUR-G973FXXS3ASJG-20191103134050 old android9
update to Android10 G973FXXU3BSKO_G973FOXM3BSKO_TUR )

I’m download BETA and, everything is fine, no problem a moment


Hmm i havent got the new beta version mines still on v18.2.791 ive opened the beta client but cant see the update just the old version
My all day steps


Great to see that most users who are testing have great conversion rates :smiley:


Samsung S10 - SM-G973F dual sim - Android10 Final First release ( december2019)

everything is fine, No problem. @Oleg

I did the night walk and counted the steps. watched the ad got points. I set up Beta yesterday and I have details on my previous shift. Today is the first evaluation of day 2 of beta. I didn’t look at detail when I set up all my old information records, but roughly everything seems to be.


Brilliant news - looks like you will need to upgrade to Breaker in no time :slight_smile: Merry Christmas!!!


Hey @Acidburn I am checking if your username was added to the group able to use the new algo - this is separate from being able to use the new version and has to be configured on our servers. Judging by conversion those 18000 steps were taken on the old algorithm :frowning: I will fix that very soon!


Thank you for your report @GoGoBaBa - when earnings are above total steps it means some steps rolled over from yesterday and got conveyed today - this is the explanation for your earning of 1.91 on 791 steps :slight_smile: We will look into Better way of accounting for these in next iterations.


@Oleg thanks

Yes it has been about 1 year since the first installation, I have tried the mover, shaker, quaker, breaker in order. You can find my step numbers from the data: P 10km, 15km, 20km, 25km, 30km walk. In spring, my goal is to walk 41km in the same day.

samsung health records, but unfortunately my records were deleted exactly, but unfortunately. Sweetcoin also has records of the number of steps you may have. If you look, maybe you will find, even instagram GoGoBaBa I have posted many videos as SweetCoin tagged

OLD - google photos archive.


there is nothing wrong. I’ve taken all the pictures for details, both yesterday and today, with a good review, it turns out that it has taken too many steps from yesterday. Beta in my old android9 and older than the old version of sweetcoin more successful and counted the correct step. I’ve just set up Google Fit, maybe it was a plus for the calculation.


@Oleg cheers installed v19 now,have noticed that when i switch off battery saver in the options
When i go back into options its back on again.
Still have the old bonus and no calender also.

So went on a 7and half mile run just now and its seems to be a good conversation rate for what it counted,was at about 8.30 minute miles but dont think it counted them all
Thinking about it now i never installed the app till this morning and my watch would reset at 12 in the night so maybe not out that much,i will check if i run tomorrow :grinning:

indoor seems good and outdoor is alot better

Day 2: seems to have counted most of my indoor and outdoor steps which is good,much better than last version
@Oleg day 3 : counted my indoor steps very good,then i went for a run only 5 miles it counted most of them though just was a bit out
Day 4 : Christmas day run 6.2 miles might be im running too fast as its always out like 3 thousands steps to my watch but it counts most of them
Walking indoors and outside though is near perfect good job :smiley:


can you put me on that list? Since the latest Android update by Sweatcoin is pretty much unusable. @bill292669