Android and Apple


Hi can someone please explain why is a difference between Apple and Android devices. I understand, that there are much more Android than Apple devices, but why can’t the design and the interface just be the same. It actually kind of sucks at android without any features


Hey @Zain, currently iOS and Android are about 90 to 95% similar to each other, and we are working towards to bring it to 100% in coming months. What exact feature are you missing on Android?


One feature that I think is missing for Android is the actual amount of steps that you can use to bid on in auctions.


For example the statistics, which show you how many steps you did each hour/day of the week/day of the month. Or the new feature that was advertised by email but I’m not sure if there are even devices, that support it yet.


Hey @Zain, this feature is not even available on iOS! This is experimental feature we are working on at the moment, and which we use internally a lot, that why it appeared in e-mail. Once launched, it will be available on both iOS and Android, though with some limitation on Android due to a technical limitations, it’s not possible on some devices to look back in history before you installed the app.

@Woxof38 we are currently on the latest stages of testing new wallet, which will unify it between platforms. Hope to roll it out yearly next year.


I would like to see the step count of my friends that you can see on an iphone but not on android. I have been waiting to get this feature back (I used to have it) for over a year. When will Android get that back?