Android Discrimination


List down here all of the features that sweatcoin on ios have but sweatcoin on android doesn’t


Block (I’m pretty sure this feature is only for scammers)


Find friends: boi why does it take 0.01 sweatcoins and 5 minutes just to find a random person


Cash out: only for a few countries


Transferred and earned: this is some absolute discrimination


If you have more, feel free to add them down here. Ok? Ok
Thank you


The earned and transferred coin separation is present both on Android and iOS versions.



This one is discontinued for all countries


You would be pleased to know that we now have a dedicated team on Android app and recent releases started to address key issues across all markets. Notably, most of you on Samsung should now have A LOT BETTER experience with an average 70%+ conversion. Following this the team is looking into achieving similar breakthroughs for users of Huawei and Xiaomi. If you have a set-up on one of these devices that delivers high level of conversion and you tweaked your device setting then please let us know what those tweaks were. Many thanks in advance, Oleg


It is not on my app, at least.


It’s not so much a feature, but my husband’s conversion is ALWAYS more than his actual steps on his iPhone. My Pixel? Anywhere from 1500-4400 LESS. I walk the same route in the morning, with my phone in my pocket and two weeks ago was 9700 and this morning was 7700. The. Same. Route. It’s so aggravating! I want to use it, but I’m getting so frustrated! And why does it ask to connect to my Google Fit and then dismiss all the steps on it? It’s almost like it deducts any steps recorded while using only my Fit without my phone. Just my two cents. End rant.


yes they have it on the android version but they don’t show the amount of each so it’s frustrating as phuc


Get rid of google fit and you will see the magic


Here’s the issue I have. I don’t have pockets on all my outfits and in order to get most of my steps accounted for, I have to carry my phone. Also, even when I am carrying said phone, the steps don’t always match with my Google Fit. Why is my husband able to have his Apple Watch log and even round UP his steps? I’d just like to know why.