Anount of Steps over the daily earning maximum


Hello Sweatcoin community,

I have a couple questions:

What happens to the steps, you do after you hit daily earning maximum? Why is there even a daily earning maximum?

I walked 28km today, but only 20km got paid out in form of 20 Sweatcoins…would be awesome to earn for every km a Sc, no matter how many km you walk, run or bike! :smiley:


Hey @Stayhigh69 (loving the handle BTW :sunglasses::+1:t4:)
I understand your thoughts here. When I first started to cross the 20k steps a day Breaker Membership limit, I remember thinking the same and for some reason I seem to remember asking the very same question. I think the fact that the potential complete conversion value being shown in the verification pages can sometimes seem like a bit of a kick in the “happy-sack”. I think that completely removing the earning threshold may not be such a great idea for all as many push themselves using the 20SWC earning limit as a pre-determined goal to be achieved as often as possible.
However, it might possibly be more suitable to add another couple of membership levels to provide a higher goal for users to set their sights. In my opinion, possibly up to 50k to 52k steps. I suggest this figure as 52k steps equates to around a complete marathon distance. Having actively worked to complete a Month of daily distances greater than a complete Marathon on foot, I can say that although it is possible to do and gives a great sense of self satisfaction to know you’ve done it… it is not as easy a task as you might think to achieve 52k Sweatcoin steps each and every day🤣


Hello @Phatt.One
As you say, walking 25-40km / a day is easy!! But I would love to add my biking km’s to it, which are around 85km/day.

Furthermore i too believe that its important that Sweatcoin adds more levels for the sweatcoiners! (New Daily earning limits: 50, 80, 150, 200) Me as an athlete I could earn like this easily a nice passive income during training and daily life! Would help me financialy very much! And its not only good for athletes, but for many students as well, who walk or drive their bike, daily to university.

Well don’t have a N26 bankcard yet, but still happy that I can convert my sweatcoins via N26 to cash and spent them!


LOL I think you may have taken some what I said the wrong way. I don’t think that achieving 20,000 steps per day is that simple for everybody. It isn’t exactly a quick task and for many it’s not just a question of the activity itself but finding the time too.
From what I’m reading your activity level extremely impressive and you are definitely one of the Sweatcoiners I have been searching to follow over the past couple of years. Keep it up mate :sunglasses::+1:t4:


Hey @Phatt.One me as an Triathlete I do many km’s / month! If we increase the daily maximum up to 150km / day, Sweatcoin would support many athletes during their training!

I walk daily up to 17km.

With Sweatcoin it will increase most likely in future.
But more important I bike 80-150km /day too.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if I can earn SC for every km I swam.


This is a really interesting discussion and you’ve raised some great points here…

While I don’t believe it’s by any means “easy” to walk 25-40km per day (certainly not for me!), I do understand that some are regularly doing so, whether running, walking or doing a marathon, so this feedback is greatly appreciated!

We initially added the cap at 20swc per day to try and prevent any cheating of the algorithm, but understand that there are plenty of you out there who achieve these steps perfectly legitimately!

With that said, adding in more membership levels is definitely something we’re looking into in the near future, so watch this space! :man_dancing:t4:


I now received my ordered N26bank card.

Hope it works as great as the app does!

Would only like to deposit my converted sweatcoins to my bank account and being able to walk or bike /day at least 100-150km.

I think it would help me and the community a lot, for finding future sweatcoiners too.

Moreover I am not able to donate sweatcoins, somehow after I click on the bottom, the app suddenly closes… Please check this!

Best regards,