App in the wrong language


Hi everyone,

I got a problem: since some days my app is in German, not in English anymore. maybe because I went to Germany, not sure.
I also feel that I’m seeing the German marketplace.
Recently the offers are really bad, with just discounts and no real products.

Anyway, how do I switch the language back to English (or to Italian, since I’m Italian)?
Thanks guys


When you go to marketplace there should be a “Switch back to insert country name here marketplace” button.


I don’t find such an option in my marketplace…


I’m actually quite deceived also because there is no assistance for the app and offers in the marketplace are not interesting. I’ve been using the app for quite a while and I didn’t see any improvement. I am wondering how is it gonna be in the future…i’m certainly not gonna recommend SC to anyone.


Hi! There is assistance in the app, we have support tickets ( Settings > Help > Contact Us ) and we try to help people on social media platforms when it comes up :slight_smile: Regarding the issue of the app being in the wrong language - can you please message me your account details in DMs then i’ll take a look.
Our vendor team is always looking out for new interesting offers, in fact there is a thread asking for your suggestions :smiley: Check it out here: Offer suggestions