App isn't even trying to convert my steps now!


Yesterday I spent a fair bit of time trying to get the app to analyse my steps - but all I got was what I call ‘the circle of death’ (small rotating circle where the ‘analyse now’ button was until I pressed it).

I went through all my settings (which look to be as they should be), and I closed every single app I dared. Nothing.

Overnight my battery drained from 100% to the point I was lucky my alarm went off for work - the culprit (according to battery useage in settings) being Sweatcoin. It had actually died coming home from work yesterday, but I hadn’t looked to see what the cause was. This I got round today by stopping the app (which I can do now it picks up my step count from Fit).

Just opened Sweatcoin. The front screen shows 26,675 steps for today. When I go to look at how the analysis is working (and force it to happen) via ‘info’ it shows 51,446 steps - so it appears to have added todays to a complete count from yesterday (confirming it converted nothing yesterday).

I touch on ‘analyse now’ - and get the wheel of death again.

The app then told there was an update available - and I’ve applied that. Still no better.

So that’s 2 days (and over 51,000 steps) piled up and getting me nothing.

Help? Ideas?


PS. It still let me collect the 3 bonuses each day.

The ONLY thing I can think of that I did any differently since my last successful conversion (Saturday) was use the ‘exercise’ option on Monday. I was off work and stayed home, so no step count worth mentioning. I opted to do a late night yoga session and claim the coins for that, which show in my wallet on the same screen as my bonus history.

I’m using Android 8.1.0 on a Moto e5 play


I think there is a bug, mine did that over the weekend. I’ve also been finding my battery drains really fast. After a quick search on here I uninstalled and reinstalled SC. I then lost my unconverted steps, but it converted any earned after the reinstall.

It then told me there was an update, which appears to be an extension on the 20 minutes bonus daily exercise. However, since that update I can’t click on the ‘i’ button to force analyse steps.